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Chemistry | Chemistry homework help

(a) Without assuming a basis of calculation, draw and label a flowchart of the process. (b) Wastewater leaves the finishing plant at a rate m_ 1 ˆ 6000 kg/h. Calculate the flow rate of liquid to

the waste lagoon, m_ 6…kg/h†, and the mass fraction of Cr in this liquid, x6(kg Cr/kg). (c) Calculate the flow rate of the liquid to the waste lagoon and the mass fraction of Cr in this liquid for m_1 varying from 1000 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h in 1000 kg/h increments. Generate a plot of x6 versus m_ 1 .

(Suggestion: Use a spreadsheet for these calculations.) (d) The company has hired you as a consultant to help them determine whether or not to add capacity

to the treatment unit to increase the recovery of chromium. What would you need to know to make

this determination? (e) What concerns might need to be addressed regarding the waste lagoon?

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