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Assignments.6 | Operations Management homework help

1. Minimum: 1200 Words
The WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services attempts to provide the same level of liberalization applied to goods under the GATT to services. Migration is part of this agreement.  Explain what the agreement says about migration (hint: review Mode 4) and present your analysis of whether the WTO should encourage more liberalization of migration policies in accordance with this agreement.  In addressing this issue, identify opposing arguments and how your position might be challenged if proposed to a policymaking body in the United States or to the WTO.



2. Minimum: 900 Words
Explain and describe one type of business that might be most successful using an export-based strategy, and one type of business that might be most successful using equity investment overseas and explain why each would be successful using the given strategy.

3. Minimum:  Words (600 words)

See attached for the Nike and Sweatshop Labor case study. Then answer the following questions (found also at the end of the case study):

  1. Do you think the criticism of Nike is fair, considering that the host countries are in dire needs of creating jobs?
  2. What do you think Nike’s executives might have done differently to prevent the sensitive charges of sweatshop labor in overseas factories?
  3. Do firms need to consider the so-called corporate social responsibilities in making investment decisions?

4. Minimum: 600 Words
Select one of the Bretton Woods Institutions (in place of the ITO, you can write about the WTO) and research the history of that particular institution. Then draft a critical analysis of the institution in today’s environment, paying special attention to its role in major global financial crises.

5. Minimum: 900 Words
Harley Davidson is a uniquely American company. Yet their products are in demand around the world. Recognizing the economic ups and downs in the U.S. market, Harley began to internationalize their firm (See attached for the case study).

Then, in a well written essay, answer the five questions below (found also at the conclusion of the case study).

Case Questions

  1. What is the nature of the international business environments Harley faces? What types of risks does the firm face?
  2. How can Harley benefit from expanding abroad? What types of advantages can the firm obtain? What advantages acquired abroad can help Harley improve its performance in its home market?
  3. How can Harley effectively compete with rivals from Japan and Europe? What strategies should management apply to grow the firm’s sales in those regions?
  4. Competitors such as Lifan and Zongshen are beginning to emerge from China, where they enjoy competitive advantages like low-cost labor and extensive experience with emerging markets. How can Harley compete against such firms? Should Harley more aggressively pursue emerging markets such as Brazil, China, and India? If so, what strategies will help it succeed in those markets?
  5. Evaluate Harley’s environmental sustainability initiatives in the evolving regulatory environment on global greenhouse gas. What advantages does Harley gain by attempting to produce environmentally safe and sustainable products?
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