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Assignment 450 words ( choose one of the movies listed) use the book

 After reading Chapter 6 of “Looking at Movies” answer the following question: 

What do you think was the role of the D.P. in the making of any of the following movies (you choose one)?:

 *Hero (China, 2002)

*Roma (México, 2018)

*Spotlight (USA, 2015)

In your answer include examples of the framing of different kinds of shots depending on the implied proximity to the camera (pp.203-207), lighting sources and lenses (pp.198-201), the camera angle and height (pp. 209-211), and camera movement (pp. 211-217). In your answer, when referring to the textbook, please include page numbers.

At the beginning of your answer, please identify the name of the DP of the film.


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