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Applied sciences journal assignment 600 word

Journal Assignment:  Your Dosha        

What Dosha do you think is dominant in your life right now?

Identify your Dosha. You may want to fill out the questionnaire from:

https://chopra.com/dosha-quizLinks to an external site. 

You can also use the lecture notes and text to answer the following:

List 3 characteristics that most strongly led you to identify with that type. What are your strengths? What challenges do you face with this body type (e.g. what imbalances do you tend toward)? 

After reading the Ayurvedic view of health and disease, what things can you do to prevent disease and promote health based on your understanding of your body type? 

What foods help to balance your dosha? 

What types of exercise conform to your dosha type? 

What aromas help balance your dosha?

Please answer all questions above in complete sentences. Don’t forget your references in APA format. Please see attached rubric for details.

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