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lease use the IRAC method when drafting your answers. Read each question carefully and thoughtfully. All the information that you need to draft a quality answer can be found in your textbook.

1. Rashi is a student at State University. In need of funds to pay for tuition and books, Rashi asks Tiempo Loans, Inc., for a short-term loan. The lender agrees to make a loan if Rashi will have someone who is financially responsible guarantee the loan payments. Umberto, a well-known businessperson and a friend of Rashi’s family, calls Tiempo and agrees to pay the loan if Rashi cannot. Because of Umberto’s reputation, the loan is made. Rashi is making the payments, but because of illness he is unable to work for one month. He asks Tiempo to extend the loan for three months. The lender agrees, raising the interest rate for the extended period. Umberto is not notified of the extension (and thus does not consent to it). One month later, Rashi drops out of school. All attempts to collect the remainder of the loan from Rashi fail. Can Tiempo assert a claim against Umberto on the debt?

2. The roof in Rosalyn’s house springs a leak. She contracts with Shelter Roofing & Restoration Company to repair the roof and fix the dam­age to the house. Rosalyn pays 10 percent of the price in advance. Shelter Roofing does the work, but Rosalyn refuses to pay the rest of the price. What can Shelter Roofing do, and how is it done?

3. Town Loan Center agrees to loan Sara $1,500, accepting as collateral her car. They put their agreement in writing and sign it. Sara keeps possession of the car. Does Town Loan have an enforceable security interest? How can Town Loan let other creditors know of its interest in the car?

4. Digital Devices is a retail seller of entertainment media. Digital Devices sells a 3D HD TV set to Edmund. Edmund cannot pay cash, so he signs a security agreement, paying a certain amount down and agreeing to pay the balance in twelve equal installments. The security agreement gives Digital Devices a security interest in the set. Edmund makes six payments on time then goes into default because of unexpected financial problems. Digital Devices repossesses the set. Can the creditor keep it in full satisfaction of the debt? Explain.

5. Federal Bank is a secured party on a $50,000 loan to Gigi, who owns Home HealthCare, an assisted living facility. When Gigi experiences financial difficulty, creditors other than Federal Bank petition her into involuntary bankruptcy. The value of the secured collateral has substantially decreased in value. On its sale, the debt to Federal Bank is reduced to $25,000. Gigi’s estate consists of $100,000 in exempt assets and $20,000 in nonexempt assets. After the bankruptcy costs and back wages to Gigi’s employees are paid, nothing is left for unsecured creditors. Gigi receives a discharge in bankruptcy. Later she decides to go back into business. By selling a few exempt assets and getting a small loan, she is able to buy Indulgence, a small, profitable nightclub. Gigi goes to Federal Bank for the loan. The bank claims that the balance of its secured debt was not discharged in Gigi’s bankruptcy. She signs an agreement to pay Federal Bank the $25,000, and the bank makes a new unsecured loan to her. Is Federal Bank correct that the balance of its secured debt was not discharged in bankruptcy? What is the legal effect of Gigi’s agreement to pay the bank $25,000 after the discharge in bankruptcy?

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