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Analytics and Jail Classification | Computer Science homework help

Analytics and Jail Classification

Objective jail classification is a subject of much controversy in the United States. In this week’s discussion, you will talk about what it is, what are the pros and cons, and how analytics fits into the issue.

Begin by researching objective jail classification. In your original discussion board response, provide a summary of not less than 100 words, describing it. Do not be lax in this. Be specific about the purposes, catalysts, and detractions for the use of objective jail classification. Next, discuss the independent variables which are part of objective jail classification, based on your research.

Discuss what independent variables have been used and identified as the most effective in decision tree models. Finally, discuss the ethics of objective jail classification. Cite examples of positive and negative outcomes of its use, and share your perspective on whether or not it is ethical to use it.

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