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Special education teachers must use effective collaboration   techniques to design and implement complex plans involving many   stakeholders to support students with disabilities across a wide range   of settings. Review the scenario below to inform the assignment:

Marco is a Mexican-American eighth grade student who has been   identified as having an emotional/behavioral disorder, specifically   mood disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified). Currently, he   participates in a general education inclusive classroom. During his   annual IEP meeting, the team reviewed recent test scores and   determined he qualifies for the gifted program in English language   arts (ELA) only. Therefore, Marco will continue to participate in   the inclusive classroom for the remainder of his courses.

Marco has continued to be successful in all his inclusive classes;   however, he is struggling in his new gifted setting for ELA. Mrs.   Stone, the gifted teacher, was not able to be present during the IEP   meeting. She has never worked with a student who has an IEP prior   to having Marco as a student in her classroom. Marco has mentioned   that he is the only Hispanic or Latino student in the gifted class,   and this has made him feel uncomfortable. He has stated that Mrs.   Stone does not include him in the classroom conversations and speaks   abruptly to him, but not to the other students.

After one month of Marco being in the gifted class, Mrs. Stone has   requested that a paraprofessional be present to support him. At   the IEP meeting, the IEP team had determined that a paraprofessional   was not necessary because Marco should be able to be successful   in the gifted classroom without this level of support. After   meeting with Marco previously on classroom concerns, and the request   from Mrs. Stone, as the special education teacher, you completed   a walk-through observation of the gifted classroom. You did   notice that Marco was isolated in a corner and the teacher did not   interact with him. In addition to the walk-through, you just   received a phone call from Marco’s parents stating Mrs. Stone told   Marco that he does not belong in this class. At this point, Marco no   longer wants to be in the class because he does not feel welcome. 

The principal has come to you, the special education teacher, for   assistance with supporting Mrs. Stone and Marco in being   successful. The IEP team is scheduling another meeting to discuss   goals and ideas to help Marco be successful in the gifted ELA   classroom. The support of a paraeducator is part of the discussion as   a possibility for Marco.

Use the “Collaboration and Communication Action Plan   Template” to complete this assignment.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources on   collaboration and communication best practices.

College of Education (COE) program competencies and national     standards assessed in the benchmark assignment:

COE 5.7 

Provide guidance and direction to paraeducators, tutors, and     volunteers. [CEC 6.6, ICSI.6.S8, ICSI.6.K13, ICSI.6.K14, ICSI.6.S12;     InTASC 10(n); GCU Mission Critical 1, 2, 4, and 5]

COE 6.1  

Use the theory and elements of effective collaboration. [CEC 7.1,     ICSI.7.K1, ICSI.7.S3; InTASC 7(o); ISTE-T 3a, 3d, 5a; GCU Mission     Critical 1, 4, and 5]

COE 6.2 

Serve as a collaborative resource to colleagues.[CEC 7.2,     ICSI.7.S3, ICSI.7.S8, ICSI.7.S9; InTASC 10(k); GCU Mission Critical     1, 4, and 5]

COE 6.3  

Use collaboration to promote the well-being of individuals with     exceptionalities across a wide range of settings and collaborators.     [CEC 7.3, ICSI.7.K1, ICSI.7.S3, ICSI.7.S6, IGC.7.K4; InTASC 10(b),     10(j); ISTE-T 3b; GCU Mission Critical 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]

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