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A university recognizes a third gender – neutral (3 questions)

This was a very interesting topic and a well written article. My last question is based on information provided in the article but didn’t make the final cut of my highlights. So here is a copy that lead to the final question:

 “classifying gender, there should be more than two options — something now afforded by the dating website OkCupid and by Facebook, which last year added a tab for “custom” alongside “male” and “female,” with some 50 options”


Scelfo, Julie (Feb 3, 2015) The New York Times, Education Life, Retrieved (November 12, 2017)

1.How does one explain to family members what it means to be neither male or female?

2.Do you feel it is appropriate for schools to allow students to change their first name in the schools system to a non legal name?

3.Are you confused by the number of gender classifications?

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