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5 short assignments (500-600 words)

Two short paragraphs (APA format not needed for these answers and each answer can be 100 words) Please name this Word document Module  3 DQ’s: 

  1. In an organization, many computers are shared among users, and users often use different computers based on where they are working at any particular time. Therefore, you need to configure the following: Users must be able to access all documents that they store in the Documents and Desktop folders. The users should also have the TimeClock.msi file installed so that they can clock in and out. How can you accomplish this?
  2. As an administrator at the Contoso Corporation, you have had several reports that the computers of users who are traveling have been hacked and accessed without the users’ knowledge. What can you do to ensure that the systems are secure and that would prevent these types of access while out of the office, but would also allow full access when at work?


Three separate short questions that can be part of one document (You can also answer each question with about 100 words each, but must be in APA format) 

The point assignment is setup as:

  • Title Page = 5 points
  • Proper Font = 5 points
  • Case Answers = 10 points

Title this document Module 3 Assignment 2:

Scenario 5-1

One of your users was recently issued a new Windows 10 computer that was configured by a new administrator in your department. The user reports she received an access denied message while trying to view her disk properties using the Disk Management tool. The message was as follows: You do not have access rights to Logical Disk Manager on Win10Pro. 

You remember the new administrator talking about local security policies and that he had been testing them a few days earlier. You suspect this could be the source of the problem. How would you troubleshoot this? 

Scenario 6-1

As an administrator of the Contoso Corporation, you are responsible for configuring the users’ mobile computers. You want to ensure that when a computer system accesses a public network—such as the local coffee shop, the airport, or the user’s home network—other computers and devices cannot find your system. In addition, you want to disable file and printer sharing access. However, when in the office and the computers connect to the office using a VPN client, you want network discovery and file and printer sharing available. What should you do?

Scenario 6-2

You are an administrator for the Contoso Corporation and you use a mobile computer for troubleshooting. You want it to automatically connect to wireless connections at the main office, the primary data center, and two large offices, which each have their own hidden wireless network. What should you do?

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