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3 strategic recommendations to the ceo

 1) Log in your FIU Library account and read peer-reviewed article titled : SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: WHO IS WATCHING THE WATCHERS? by: 

Jacobson, Jenna ; Gruzd, Anatoliy ; Hernández-García, ÁngelJournal of retailing and consumer services, 2020-03, Vol.53, p.101774

2) Read Chapters 1-4 in Scott’s book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

3) Imagine you are in charge of all digital communications for a global brand ( pick the brand of your choice). Based on this week’s readings, make 3 strategic recommendations to the CEO of your company that would increase KPI’s such as social engagement, sales, followers, etc. Justify each recommendation in 100 words/ per recommendation.

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