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Write an SQL statement | Database management systems homework help

Write an SQL statement to get the average, maximum, and minimum quantity per order stored in table “Sales.SalesOrderDetail”, column “SalesOrderID”, for order numbers 43660, 43670, and 43672. This query should be written as a single SQL statement.

a. Fill out the following table: Order number Average Maximum Minimum 43660 43670 43672

b. Submit the SQL statement used to accomplish this task.

c. How many rows were affected?

d. Provide a screenshot of the result set.

2. When working in a normalized environment, chances are one will have to combine tables and get a result set into a table.

To accomplish this task, the clause JOIN is used. Depending on what result is needed, different forms of this clause are used. They are: “INNER JOIN” OUTER JOIN (both LEFT and RIGHT) “FULL JOIN” CROSS JOIN What all types of JOIN have in common is that they, based on a condition, match one record from one table to one or more records in another table.

The result will be records that combine the data from both tables. INNER JOINs are the most used type of JOIN.

They return only the data for which matches were found.


FROM Person.Person


HumanResources.Employee ON Person.Person.BusinessEntityID = HumanResources.Employee.BusinessEntityID

Using the example above, write an SQL query that returns all the information for all contacts stored in the Person.BusinessEntity table and only the jobTitle from the HumanResources.Employee table. Note that multiple rows may be returned.

a. Submit the SQL statement used to accomplish this task.

b. How many rows were affected?

c. Provide a screenshot of the result set.

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