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Write a program that calculates and prints the monthly paycheck for

Complete the below two problems. Each problem is a separate program (project).

Question 1
Write a program that calculates and prints the monthly paycheck for an employee. The net pay is calculated after taking the following deductions:
Federal Income Tax: 15%
State Tax: 3.5%
Social Security Tax: 5.75%
Medicare/Medicaid Tax: 2.75%
Pension Plan: 5%
Health Insurance: $75.00
Your program should prompt the user to input the gross amount and the employee name. The output will be stored in a file. Format your output to have two decimal places. A sample output follows:
Bill Robinson
Gross Amount: ………… $3575.00
Federal Tax: …………. $ 536.25
State Tax: …………… $ 125.13
Programming Exercises | 173
Social Security Tax: ….. $ 205.56
Medicare/Medicaid Tax: … $ 98.31
Pension Plan: ………… $ 178.75
Health Insurance: …….. $ 75.00
Net Pay: …………….. $2356.00
Note that the first column is left-justified, and the right column is right justified.
7. Redo Programming Exercise 21, in Chapter 2, so that each string can store a line of text.

Question 2
A bank in your town updates its customers’ accounts at the end of each month.
The bank offers two types of accounts: savings and checking. Every customer must maintain a minimum balance. If a customer’s balance falls below the minimum balance, there is a service charge of $10.00 for savings accounts and $25.00 for checking accounts. If the balance at the end of the month is at least the minimum balance, the account receives interest as follows:
a. Savings accounts receive 4% interest.
b. Checking accounts with balances of up to $5,000 more than the minimum balance receive 3% interest; otherwise, the interest is 5%.
Write a program that reads a customer’s account number (int type), account type (char; s for savings, c for checking), minimum balance that the account should maintain, and current balance. The program should then output the account number, account type, current balance, and an appropriate message. Test your program by running it five times, using the following data:
46728 S 1000 2700
87324 C 1500 7689
79873 S 1000 800
89832 C 2000 3000
98322 C 1000 750



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