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E-commerce | Information Systems homework help

  1. How does American Express utilize m-commerce?
  2. What role does a clearinghouse play?
  3. Which of the following is a security procedure designed for e-commerce? A. Burglar alarms B. Firewalls C. Fireproof vaults D. None of the above
  4. E-commerce provides business opportunities at a higher cost. a. True b. False
  5. Because of the increase in e-commerce, which of the following types of fraud is easier to commit? a) Procurement fraud. b) Use of shell companies. c) Impersonating customers.
  6. The browse-to-buy rate is also called the [{Blank}] rate. A) click-through B) browsing C) conversion D) banner
  7. The process of business purchasing online is known as the e-chain. a. True b. False
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