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Who moved my cheese book discussion


The topic of this group discussion is the book  Who Moved My Cheese. After reading the book, there are discussion topics posted here for you to think about. Read ALL of the topics and CHOOSE ANY THREE to post your thoughts. It is important for you to read all of the other postings before posting your response.

Additionally, post your comments/reactions to TWO postings by other students from a topic that you did not choose for your THREE postings for a TOTAL of FIVE postings.

Each of your five postings should be in response to a different discussion topic.

Think through your ideas, and check grammar and spelling.

Post your response to each topic that you choose by clicking REPLY to the topic or to another student’s posting.  Remember to read postings by other students daily to keep-up with the discussion.

For each response to your peer(s), please put at the top of the post:

  • Response #[number] for [ insert your peer’s name] (Example – Response #1 for Jane Doe)
  • [Your response]

Although 5 postings are required as specified, you may post additional responses to other students’ posting if you desire to do so as part of the discussion.  Maximum points = 50.

 Discussion Topic 1: What do you think “Cheese” symbolizes in the context of Who Moved My Cheese? What does “cheese” signify for you in this context? 

 Discussion Topic 2: What do you think the “Maze” symbolizes in the context of Who Moved My Cheese? What does the ”maze” signify for you in this context? 

 Discussion Topic 3: In the context of Who Moved My Cheesewhat does “What would you do if you weren’t afraid” mean? Please provide an example of a situation where “being afraid” could be a barrier to success. 

 Discussion Topic 4: Describe how the story told in Who Moved My Cheese can be applied in real life – both professionally and personally. 

 Discussion Topic 5: How is reading Who Moved My Cheese relevant to our course? 

 Discussion Topic 6: Summarize your key learning from reading Who Moved My Cheese. 

 Discussion Topic 7: Would you recommend Who Moved My Cheese to a friend or a co-worker? Why or why not? 

 Discussion Topic 8: Why do you think the people in the book agree that it is not enough for individuals to be aware of the core principles communicated, and why do they think it is important for everyone in a group, an organization or a family to know the story told in Who Moved My Cheese

 Discussion Topic 9: Are there any books similar to Who Moved My Cheese that you would recommend as reading for this course? Any thoughts?

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