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Week 3 discussion: ethical and social responsibilities of


Week 3 Discussion: Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Entrepreneurs

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Week 3 Discussion

24 points

Learning Objectives

· Develop the ability to identify ethical and legal issues

· Develop an approach to resolve ethical/legal dilemmas once identified

· Define and describe corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social entrepreneurship


Each week you will be asked to reflect and respond in a Discussion Board forum. Your contribution to the topic should be clear, complete, and accurate. This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and respond to at least one of those postings. You are required to meet the following guidelines.

· Develop a detailed response using APA format (in-text citation, reference list) and utilizing at least one credible resource. 

· Post your initial response by Saturday, Oct 30th by 11:59pm

· Post feedback responding to a classmates post by Sunday, Oct 31st by 11:59pm

After completing the assigned readings (Chapter 3: The Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Entrepreneurs) answer the following discussion questions. 

1. Referring to Table 3.3 (Links to an external site.) listing cases of corporate fraud, which company example do you think is one of the worst examples of unethical conduct? Is this because it involved the most money stolen, the most people cheated, or the most devious methods?

2. How will you ensure that your organization learns to develop and deliver products and services that reduces your carbon footprint? Discuss the strategies towards corporate social responsibilities that you will take. 

Initial response should be at least 150 words for the discussion post and no less than 100 words for the classmate’s response.


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