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Week 1 assignment | Education homework help


Compare/Contrast Moral Development Assignment Instructions

Instructions: During this module/week you will watch the video, A Child’s Mind: How Kids Learn Right from Wrong, as well as reading from your Slavin and Schunk (2017). You may use both sources as you complete this assignment. You must answer each question using complete sentences and following current APA format. However, you must also properly cite your sources. For your description of each of the moral development theories, write at least 4–5 sentences. For the final question, construct one solid paragraph of at least 400 words each. You must cite at least 1 professional source. You can cite the video as follows: (Ryan, 2011). You can see how to complete the reference for the video at the end of these instructions. 

Note: The information that you gain will help you as you develop your Final Paper. Be sure to write in complete sentences and follow current APA guidelines.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.


Four Moral Development Theories 


Describe Jean   Piaget’s Theory of Moral Development


Describe Lawrence   Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development


Describe Elliot Turiel’s   Moral Domain Theory


Albert Bandura’s   Theory of Moral Development through Social Learning


Biblical Integration


Share at least 2   verses/passages regarding social, moral, and emotional development. Share the   verse in quotes followed by the citation. 


Why is it essential   to instill a sense of right and wrong in children from a biblical perspective?   Support your answer.


Write 1 solid paragraph of at least 400 words comparing and   contrasting the view of any 2 of the theorists from the video of how children develop a sense of right and   wrong. How do their views compare with a biblical worldview? In your   professional role, how can you help children/students to develop a sense of   right and wrong?  


Ryan, K. O. (Producer). (2011). A Child’s Mind: How Kids   Learn Right & Wrong [Video file]. Learning Seed. Retrieved June   15, 2017, from Education in Video: Volume I.

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