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Washing machine system | Project Management homework help

Write report on any one of the following practical projects.


The objective of this case study is bring together all the concepts you have learned over the semester by studying a commercially available Mechatronics system. This is an individual assignment.
Guidelines for report

Select a Mechatronics system of your choice. Explore, understand and write a 5-6 page report (double spaced, size 12 font) that should include following:

System overview and Functional diagram, Flowcharts and State diagrams
Identification of sensors, actuators and any mechanical components
Design of key circuits
Comparison of various commercially available systems.List of Recommended Projects:
Hexapod robot system
Home security system
Wind turbine pitch control
Washing machine system
Automatic domestic outdoor pet feeder
Automatic domestic Goat/Lamb feeder
Jacaranda Hall Elevator Model
Automatic Garage Door opener
Electrical mechanism of Hybrid and Electric Cars

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