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Virtual Memory Management (Cache) | Computer Science homework help

  • Suppose page faults occur 99% of the time (that is, a page is not in the TLB). What is the average access time to retrieve a page from the hard drive if it takes 50 nanoseconds to search the TLB and 12 milliseconds to read a page from the hard drive?
  • Suppose that a magnetic disk has an average seek time of 4 ms, a rotation rate of 5400 RPM, a transfer rate of 50 MB/second, a sector size of 512 bytes, and controller overhead of 2 ms. What is the average amount of time to read a single sector?
  • Assume the memory cell contains the value +6. In addition the symbol Z is equivalent to memory location 79. What is placed in register R by each of the following load commands?
  1. LOAD 79
  2. LOAD 6
  3. LOAD Z
  4. LOAD Z+1 (assume that this is allowed)


  • A non-pipelined system takes 100ns to process a task. The same task can be processed in a 5-segment pipeline with a clock cycle of 20ns.
  1. Determine the speedup ratio of the pipeline for 100 tasks.
    b. Determine the speedup ratio of the pipeline for 20 tasks.
    c. Determine the speedup ratio of the pipeline for 1 task.
    d. What is the maximum speedup that could be achieved with the pipeline unit over the non-pipelined unit?



  • The following program is stored in the memory unit of the basic computer. Show the contents of the AC, PC, and IR (in hexadecimal), at the end, after each instruction is executed. All numbers listed below are in hexadecimal.
Location Instruction
010 CLA
011 ADD 016
012 BUN 014
013 HLT
014 AND 017
015 BUN 013
016 CIA5
017 93C6


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