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two parties working together on a project | Sociology homework help

Sociology Assignment : Collaborative Agreement


:Develop a collaborative agreement that addresses two parties working together on a project. Your agreement may be approached as if you are representing an agency and will be working with another agency or as if you are an independent researcher making an agreement with another individual or agency. Be sure to include in your agreement clear identification and responsibilities for all parties, including consequences for violation and terms for termination. Along with your sample agreement, you should submit a brief narrative explanation. Your narrative should include:

1. Identification and description of the parties involved in the agreement ( Clearly name two parties involved and explain their relationship, including the context of their relationship. Reasons for the collaboration agreement are explained in detail and include discussion from all perspectives.)

2. Identification and description of the project proposed ( Identify a collaborative project is clearly . Communicate a clear nature and extent of the project , as well as the project’s goals and objectives. Provide a summary of current project including, strengths, weaknesses, and implications.)

3. Discussion of why this agreement is needed for both parties

4. A reflection on the experience of creating this agreement. ( Include the consequences for violation and termination of project and explanation for all parties.

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