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The NEW Art and Science of Teaching | English homework help

Required Course Texts

The NEW Art and Science of Teaching by Robert Marzano ASCD 2017

Module 4: Overview

What is understanding?  In this lesson, we will be reviewing the ideas of direct instruction, and deepening the impact of lessons.

Think about this question as you go through the lesson:

How can we make learning more effective?

But first, understand that we cannot teach or train someone we don’t know. We must know our students to truly teach and assess their abilities. Watch the video from Freedom Writers  in the link below . In this scene , the teacher has just had her first parent night…..and no one came. Feeling like a failure, she remembers the journals she gave the students to complete that are locked in a cabinet each day.

Module 4: Learning Materials

Review the Elements and strategies Chapter  4 , 5. and 6 in the Marzano book.  You will be completing a Chapter Review Format but will only need to choose one Element and one aligned strategy for each chapter to include in your review. You may add more if you want to share others.

The purpose is to create a research based list of strategies which will change the way you present and share new knowledge and skills with students and add more diversity to your methods for having students interact with and apply and elaborate on new information and skills.

Video: Comment on in the reflection part of your Chapter Review Format

Module 4 -Chapter Review 4,5,and 6

Complete the Chapter Review Format and Upload

Enter one ELEMENT and One Strategy with Behavioral Outcomes for each chapter .

Be sure to label each chapter Element

Use the format and checklist to review instructions.

****Respond in the discussion:

1) Why do you think the journals are proving to be an effective learning strategy for the Freedom Writers classroom students?

2) How does this strategy deepen understanding according to the elements and types of knowledge in Chapter 4 ?

3) Share 2 strategies in chapter 4 you recommend ….or use …or want to try!

*******Chapter 4 and Looking at Student Learning Discussion

******Module 4 -Chapter Review 4,5,and 6


******3 assignments…2 discussions and 1 chapter review

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