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Texas government | Government homework help

           1.The House Speaker and Lt. Governor have numerous powers…match the specific power with its type, procedural or administrative


– recognizing members to speak during formal debate           procedural or administrative

– serving on the Legislative Redistricting Committee             procedural or administrative

– assigning bills to committee                                                  procedural or administrative

– appointing committee chairs                                                 procedural or administrative

– serving as the “vice governor”                                               procedural or administrative



2. Match the description with the correct jurisdicton or type


Texas municipal courts adjudicates these cases only _____

Texas Justices of the Peace hear both criminal and _____ cases

Civil cases less than 10,000 dollars are heard in courts of ______

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ______ over capital cases

County courts have original and ______ 



         appellate jurisdiction

         civil law



         supreme jurisdiction


3. Match the correct term with concepts and definitions about state & local governments


– These governments are responsible for the essential functions of the state

– Governments are created with Legislative approval of its’ charter.

– Local College is funded and directed by a ___government

– These governments set property tax rates 

– ___ government grants approval for home rule status




        independent school districts


         special district




4. Match the Texas department or agency with the correct type designation


The Texas Medical Board

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The Texas Commission on the Arts


The Public Utilities Commssion 



–> Administrative

–> Professional and Licensing

–> Regulatory

–> Promotional

–> Professional Licensing Certification

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