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Supply chain performance | Supply Chain Management homework help

Supply Chain Management Case Study

SCM 800

West Marine Case Team Assignment Spring 2024

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: This deliverable IS a group assignment. You are on your honor. You cannot discuss any aspect of this case, or anything related to it with any other teams. You cannot use any outside resources other than your notes, course articles and material, and your own team members. One of the biggest problems I have encountered with this assignment is plagiarism. Please cite any sources you may use.

IMPORTANT!!! You cannot utilize any research on the Internet (including the use of AI such as ChatGPT) to seek answers for this assignment. I am looking for your analysis only–these assignments are not research ones and do not require any outside information other than material given in the course lessons.

Also, use of previous work concerning this assignment will be considered an Academic Integrity violation and will result in at least a zero for the assignment plus potentially additional sanctions to the final grade in the class.

Assignment Document:

This document includes the following assignment information needed to complete this case assignment:

Assignment Objectives

Assignment Introduction

Assignment Directions

Assignment Guidelines and Requirements

Assignment Questions

Grading Criteria

Cover Page and Academic Integrity Pledge


I. Assignment Objectives:

The goal of this assignment is to utilize concepts mastered and apply them in a real-world setting. West Marine explores various themes including but not limited to the following:

Evaluate CPFR and its impact of a firm.

Explore issues surrounding collaboration and coordination in a supply chain environment.

Analyze the impact of mergers and acquisitions on supply chain management.

Illustrate implementation challenges and propose solutions utilizing CPFR.

Specify and analyze various costing issues.

Assess risk and mitigation strategies.

II. Assignment Introduction:

This real-world case assignment is designed to help students evaluate the use of a collaborative approach to integrating across the SCOR processes of Plan, Source and Deliver (Customer Fulfillment) within the context of a retail environment. Teams will assess the firm’s supply chain before and after the implementation of CPFR. They will analyze the existing supply chain’s problems, propose solutions, and will critically evaluate the CPFR process—including its strengths, weaknesses, implementation challenges, and operational issues.

III. Assignment Directions:

Your team’s responses to the West Marine assignment questions are to be organized into a professional PowerPoint presentation of approximately 8 to 10 slides. Prepare the presentation in the “Normal” view, utilizing a portrait format to make liberal use of the “Notes” feature on all slides. PowerPoint slides, by necessity, must be brief. Therefore, use the notes feature to justify or more fully explain the bullet point content of a slide.

Do not leave the instructor guessing on the meaning of a particular slide. You might think of the notes as containing material you would state if you were verbally presenting your slides. Please, do not write volumes in the notes section. Be concise but clear on the meaning of each slide.

All your extra information about a slide must fit on that 8.5 by 11 portrait version of the “Notes” page for a slide. Also do not re-write the question on the notes slide. Please just write Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. at the top of the notes section. Please be certain to address each part of each question set and indicate the subparts (for example Part A, etc.) in the notes section of the slide.

Also, consider adding a Tag Line to the top of each slide succinctly answering the key take away or of the slide. Another way to think of this is if someone was in a hurry, could the reader obtain a general sense of the key messages based on reading each slide’s tag line.

The presentation should begin with a brief introduction giving some background on the case and stating the purpose (Objectives/Goals Type Slide) and organization of the presentation (Agenda Type Slide). The introduction should then be followed by your response to each of the assignment questions. There are multiple sets of questions associated with this case and most of the questions contain multiple parts or sub-questions.

The final slide should be a summary slide which explains the next action steps in the process that should occur. Please do not say items like “email me if you want more information’…. I am looking for concrete steps.

When you are asked to make a choice or take a position in answering a question, be certain to present the argument or justification for your choice. In support of your position, it is often useful to draw on the literature that you have read for the course.

Note: Arguments can be used to positively affirm a particular position as well as to indicate that alternatives are not worthy of support. In other words, sometimes you can support a position by effectively arguing against other alternatives.

The two biggest problems I find with these types of presentations and team assignments are as follows:

Teams do not answer all the assigned questions and sub parts of those questions.

All team members do not review all answers prior to submission–leading to incorrect, incomplete, and less than satisfactory responses. This problem is huge. We strongly suggest all members of the team re-read all the information in the syllabus and in other areas of this course discussing how all team members must participate is all aspects of the case.

Teams do not use enough examples as they justify a position.

Please note: The team should place citations on the slides as needed that illustrate the problems/questions/goals/objectives, etc. you are trying to obtain.

Consequently, when you submit information and the report, it needs to be compiled in a professional, well-analyzed, and thoughtful manner. Additionally, please make sure all items are professionally formatted.

See the Course Schedule for due dates for these deliverables.

IV. Assignment Guidelines, Requirements, and Formatting:

Your team’s responses should be organized into a professional PowerPoint presentation of approximately 8 to 10 slides. Is the presentation concise & succinct?

All extra information about a slide must fit on that 8.5 by 11 portrait version of the “Notes” page for a slide.

Do not use any pdf type files in your submittals—pptx only. PPTX should be formatted to print the slide and notes section.

The presentation must be formatted for single sided printing (no double-sided reports). Please preview print before submitting-make sure it is formatted correctly.

Please read the attached grading rubric for additional information that will be considered when the assignment is graded.

Use bullets on the slides…no long sentences or paragraphs.

Does the PowerPoint deck contain an agenda slide and objectives slide? Not counted as part of the total.

Does the PowerPoint deck have a summary slide? (Not counted as part of the total.)

Please use proper citations, when necessary, on the appropriate slides. Do not plagiarize.

Please include & use the enclosed cover page or similar page transcribed to PPT.

Points will be deducted for not following formatting directions and not answering all assignment questions.

Utilize graphics or even a short video to help emphasize a concept or elaborate on an answer to a question.

Any appendices type slides must be numbered and have a title. You cannot have more than one appendix per slide. You can only use one side of the paper.

All work must be completed in a professional manner.

Please note: We do not have pre-grading of any of the assignments.

Font size and type are your choice: however, make sure it is readable in a presentation mode…to small of a font will result in a deduction of points.

We do not allow resubmittal of the assignment after it is graded.

You will have only one document downloaded to the drop box:

The actual document in PPTX type file extension. This deck will include use of the ‘notes’ portion.

No other documents are required…no Excel files, Word documents, etc.

V. Assignment Questions: Please answer the following questions in your presentation:

Note: The instructor reserves the right to change the points for this assignment and these questions at his discretion. Points shown below are only approximate and may change.

Question 1 through Question 4 pertains to WM after the E&B Marine acquisition.

Question 1: This module introduced the CPFR Model with the four process steps. Please be sure to review the teaching video posted that discusses the CPFR Model and the associated quadrants. (30 Total Points:) Based upon the case study answer the following items:

Which one of the four quadrants does your team believe that West Marine may have utilized first. List the quadrant number and the quadrant title.

Explain your teams reasoning.

What might be the biggest impediment to making that process work?

How might you mitigate that problem?

Question 2: What supply chain improvements were necessary for WM to turnaround its supply chain performance? (30 total points) Discuss each improvement separately.

The intent of this question is for you to probe the case for the most important underlying problems and there causes that WM must address. You must define the problem before you can solve the problem!

An average response will identify at least two improvements. A top-level response will identify three. Do not exceed three! We are not looking for extensive lists—We are looking for depth and breadth.

Also, be sure to explain or make an argument justifying why your solution solves an existing problem.

Scroll Down To The Next Page For Questions 3 and 4!

Question 3: Why is CPFR important? How did CPFR help WM address its supply chain challenges? (30 total points)

This question consists of two parts: Why and How! Discuss each item separately.

Be specific and freely use examples from the case when responding to this question! The lack of examples from the case is a typical area where students lose points.



Question 4: Is WM ready for the Boat U.S. acquisition? YES, or No…you cannot pick both. Take a stand! What are its primary supply chain problems — as they relate to CPFR? What are the risks associated with each one of those problems? Explain your reasoning and how it might tie back into previous modules. (30 total points)

For this set of questions, be certain that you focus on the Boat U.S. acquisition!

An average response will identify at least two items. A top-level response will identify three. Do not exceed three! I am not looking for extensive lists—We are looking for depth and breadth. Discuss each risk separately.

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