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“Students should be vaccinated when clinical facilities require it” | Health & Medical homework help

Groups representing the nursing profession say “students should be vaccinated when clinical facilities require it” to complete their clinical training. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and eight other nurse organizations suggested that students who refuse to be vaccinated and who don’t qualify for an exception because of their religious beliefs or medical issues may be disenrolled from their nursing program or be unable to graduate because they cannot fulfill the clinical requirements. A recent survey by the National Student Nurses’ Association reported that 86% of nursing students and 85% of new nursing graduates who responded to an online survey said they had been or planned to be vaccinated against COVID. As a student that has been vaccinated for COVID and has seen first hand the effects of the COVID virus, either in your clinicals or family life, what advice would you give to a new student entering a Nursing program? Base your response on the most current research on the vaccine. Do you think new students should have an option? exceptions? be disenrolled fro the program because they do not meet clinical requirements? Please follow the rubric to receive max points.

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