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Strategic decision making | Management homework help

 Go to the end of Chapter 8 and do Exercise 8C “Determine the Cash Value of Coca-Cola Company” Steps 1 thru 3.  Submit your calculations for the Net Worth Method and the Net Income Method, Price-Earnings Ratio, and the outstanding shares method along with your determination of Coca-Cola cash value for the  fiscal year, in the discussion forum.  After submitting the assignment, work with your peers and come to an agreement about Coca-Cola cash value. 

EXERCISE 8C Determine the Cash Value of Coca-Cola

Purpose It is simply good business to continually know the cash value (corporate valuation) of your company. This exercise gives you practice in determining the total worth of a company using several methods. To perform this analysis, use Coca-Cola’s financial statements as given in the Cohesion Case.

Instructions Step 1

Step 2 Step 3

Calculate the financial worth of Coca-Cola based on four approaches: (1) the net worth method, (2) the net income method, (3) the price-earnings ratio method, and (4) the out-standing shares method.

Get an average of the four methods. In a dollar amount, how much is Coca-Cola worth?

Compare your analyses and conclusions with those of other students

Reference TextBook :  David, Fred R. & David, Forest R. (2020). Strategic Management: Publication Date January 1, 2020 ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-517394-7 

Note:Please use the reference text book only. I have included question chapter 8 excercise 8C also. Number of pages no mentioned in this question but i will quote for 2 pages.

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