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Steps for effective file maintenance | Information Systems homework help

1. Identify and explain the three major steps for effective file maintenance.

2. How do clock speed and word size determine the performance of a CPU?

3. Which secondary storage devices are appropriate for:

a) Saving data during an edit process.
b) Backing up data and applications.
c) Distributing data and applications.
d) Transporting data and applications.
e) Archiving data and applications.

Assume a RISC processor takes two microseconds to execute each instruction and an I/O device can wait at most 1 millisecond before its interrupt is serviced. What is the maximum number of instructions that can be executed with interrupts disabled?

The memory hierarchy contains a single cache with a miss rate of 2% that holds both instructions and data. The miss penalty to access main memory is 100 cycles. 15% of the instructions are jumps, 20% are stores, 20% are loads (30% have vales used in the next instruction), 10% are branches (taken 20% of the time) and 35% are ALU instructions. Jumps and branches are determined in the ID stage.

(a) What is the base CPI?

(b) What is the effective CPI?

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