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Starbucks case study | Accounting homework help

Below are the rest of the questions from Starbucks Case Study 
– Assess the competitive environment (analysis of the strengths of the competitors), with consideration of success factors for the industry
– Based on the Corporate strategy what should be the business level strategy for each SBU (see mini-lecture for help or chapter 7). Use the organizational structure from the Annual Report for SBUs recognition and BCG product portfolio analysis for identifying investment opportunities for each SBU.
Refer to the performance (share price and key financial statistics) of the company, as to point out the strategic problem.
Strategy and the environment are said to be dynamic. The strategy influences the stakeholders and the stockholders influence the strategy. For example when analyzing customer segments, firm’s identify the their target market that have buying behaviors are synergistic with the firm’s resource and capabilities and their strategic direction. They hire employees that have the knowledge to support the strategy. Similarly they form relationships with their channels and suppliers to help leverage their current resources and implement their strategy. Even stakeholders look at the firm and its strategy to assess the value of the organization (this value can be for value that they add for each stakeholder) and its long term viability In your discussion of the strategy of the firm discuss these factors and the impact of the strategy on each of the firm’s stakeholders.
– recommendation of the strategy addressing strategic problem(s)
– implementation
– evaluation and control
(see appendix 12C).

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