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Social Cybersecurity | Computer Science homework help


Human Factors in Cybersecurity:

Discuss how the human factor affects Cybersecurity.

What is Social Engineering? How does it relate to Psychology?

What are some techniques to implement Social Engineering

What are some of the countermeasures to detect/prevent Social Engineering?

Is Social Engineering the only way to influence human behavior or are there other ways as well?

What is Social Cybersecurity?

Research Paper

1. Write a research paper of 25 to 30 pages following APA format. All citations must be clearly shown as citations and follow APA format.

2. This is an individual work.

3. Topic must be selected from the list of topics listed below and address the identified discussion points.

5. There will be one question on your final exam covering your research paper.

6. The research paper must be submitted via OneWorld “Assignments” tab

7. Late submissions will be assessed a 10% penalty grade.

8. Research must include at least 3 peer reviewed sources. Use Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com) to assist with the research.

9. Refer to the Research Paper rubric for how the paper will be graded.

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