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Working with Women

Despite the fact that women are engaging in various professions, they are still facing significant challenges to entry and participation. Gender discrimination and oppression of women have been the most significant challenges while working with women. Feminist views have led to wrong thinking about women hindrances in the participation of fundamental activities in the workplace (Bobbitt-Zeher, 2011). Workplace gender discrimination has been one of the most significant challenges while working with women. Discrimination can occur in different ways within the workplace. For instance, women have been found complaining to unequal employment opportunities and unfair treatment in the context of job classifications, pay, promotion, and benefits.

Gender roles have greatly affected the division of labor and specialization of work. For instance, network discrimination has been on the rise since high-status jobs have been predominantly for males, which has made it challenging to acquire the positions (Shastri, 2014). Additionally, employee clustering has led to employees with similar characteristics to be socially and spatially grouped with similar status jobs. This has led to women being grouped with other women in terms of payments and job occupation.

Removing the gender pay gap is one of the most effective techniques for enhancing equality in the workplace. A culture of transparency ensures that women feel valued and that women and men are openly compensated while performing the same task. Beyond equal pay, policies that ensure that both genders are fairly and equally treated in promotion, benefits, and training will improve women’s productivity as well as change the feminist view in the workplace.

An empowerment framework is an essential tool in addressing gender inequality issues. Unless women are empowered, sustainable development will not be achieved since only men will play a role in the growth of organizations. The empowerment framework will include actions that boost the status of women through raising awareness, education, and training. This will equip and allow women to make life-determining across various issues in the working environment as well as boost their participation and engagement.

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