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Woody Guthrie. “Old Man Trump” (1952) | Hire Paper Writers

“Old Man Trump” song defines the racialist housing applies and biased rent rules of Woody Guthrie lessor Fred Trump (Ribet & Bunnage, 2021). The housing management that abutted the bill for most of Fred Trump’s accommodation developments contained some rules for evading addition that Fred Trump actively encompassed. Woody Guthrie believed that Trump was involved in stimulating ethnic hatred and indirectly earnings from it. In the song’s lyrics, Woody Guthrie indicates his frustration with Fred and the racial line boundary he had created in his Brooklyn locality.

Though the “Old Man Trump” lyrics were transcribed in 1954, Woody Guthrie did not record it. Early 2016 Will Kaufman, a professor and Guthrie scholar of United States culture and at the university, uncovered the written words. In partnering with the Woody Guthrie family and the Guthrie archives, Woody’s lyrics were recorded into a song by California Rock band United States Elevator, led by Johnny Irion. Riot Folk vocalist Ryan Harvey has also performed the song with guitarist Tom Morello and Ani DiFranco.

The song’s lyrics indicate racism that Fred Trump grounded. “In the bloodpot of human hearts when he drawed that color line,” a section of the song defines how discrimination is greatly rooted amongst the white and the people of the color. I believe this kind of record and many others have significantly breached the gap evident in old age. Through the effort of people like Woody Guthrie, we can be able to experience a positive relationship between whites and black.

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