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Women Empowerment Essay | Homework Assignment Help

Donors, non-governmental organizations, and local governments have generally accepted that investing in women in unindustrialized nations is vital to improving development objectives. Nevertheless, the development community does not always view the private sector as a partner in the progression of female empowerment. Among professionals, the presumption is that corporate activities based entirely on female empowerment are “window dressing” or restricted to backroom quotas. Nevertheless, as businesses establish more ambitious ideologies for female empowerment at the company and emerging economies, these presumptions become progressively outdated.  Female empowerment has a long and complex history. Each year on March 11th, International Women’s Day is observed as a chance for the entire international society to commemorate gender equality in all facets of life. Nevertheless, progress has not been straightforward throughout history, and women continue to experience obstacles to fundamental human rights. Business can be a powerful force for positive change, and implementing female empowerment into business strategy, can supplement and improve the work of government agencies.

Women have an impact on every aspect of business and society. They are, for instance, influential consumers of products and services. Therefore, to resolve the women’s empowerment challenge, it is important to implement various mechanisms.  Foremost, collaboration with local businesses to incorporate female empowerment.  Companies that serve as suppliers, contractors, or distributors for the worldwide or domestic economy should encourage responsible hiring practices such as female representation, fair pay, healthy and safe workplaces free of discrimination, and development opportunities for women. Global businesses, in turn, could perhaps collaborate with their suppliers to strengthen the capacity at the local and state level. Once the society has identified women’s empowerment as a primary consideration and has incorporated it into core business operations, the next step is to form partnerships with donors and other partners. Collaborations that combine the strong points of government and business are critical to achieving that economic growth in countries is linked to personal prosperity, equality for women, and shared opportunity.


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