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Women and Gender Studies

How the Feminist Praxis Connects my Experience to the Larger Political and Social Culture

Even though women are exposed to a wide range of challenges that affect their quality of life, those in the frontline of advocacy have a deeper understanding of the best approaches that should be used to promote equality in the modern context. Notably, the feminist praxis provides advocates with a range of insights and proper guidance on how they can tackle a majority of the issues affecting individuals in their surroundings. Over the years, I have identified various techniques I can use to champion for gender equality and participate in social campaigns that are influenced by the need to safeguard women’s wellbeing in the contemporary epoch. Patriarchy is viewed as the primary system of inequality that exposes women to an uneven environment that hinders them from discovering their purpose in life. When many women align their interests with the multiple feminist campaigns, it will become easier for them to apply their knowledge on feminism when challenging the numerous oppressive systems such as patriarchy and others that promote unequal beliefs and values.

Today’s society recognizes men as the voice of reason when evaluating the best candidates for leadership positions in the workplace and other elements of society such as government. Active participation in feminism extends beyond wearing bright apparel with messages such as “I am a Feminist.” Instead, it calls for greater level of retrospection where people can evaluate their contribution towards the fight against the unequal social systems that indirectly discriminate women by favouring their male counterparts (Brunskell-Evans 4). I am an avid reader of Chimamanda’s feminism literature because of its enlightening effect that provides individuals with a tangible context on the widespread inequality in the modern society. Even though many critics of her work focus on her leaning towards feminism, I admire her courage and the impact she has had over the years. She is the epitome of modern-day feminism because of her ability to articulate issues affecting women and provide viable solution that can be implemented to yield favorable outcomes in the world today.

Reading feminism literature has played an important role in exposing me to the different worlds, which provide context to the concept of inequality. In the medieval world, women were treated as subjects, answerable to men in their surroundings. However, the continued efforts by feminism champions to emancipate the masses on the approaches that can be used to achieve equality have positively influenced the decision-making process of individuals and their ability to conquer the world. Today, many women are breaking the glass ceilings that were imposed to limit their progression in the corporate world (Flippin 38). By reading the historical accounts on feminism, the modern woman has an upper hand in creating a better society for future generations through her active participation in social programs that advocate for the female rights.

Apart from reading feminism literature, I have learned the significance of recognizing diversity and upholding tolerance when interacting with my male counterparts. Even though not all men support our feminism initiatives, there are individuals who understand the importance of equality in achieving the desired growth and development levels. In many instances, tolerating the opposing views creates an opportunity to learn the perspectives of the other people and identify their weak elements of reason that limit their scope of thought (Conway 212). When critics are heard, it becomes easier for them to change their mind and align their interests with the goals and objectives of feminism in the modern world. For instance, parents can be urged to treat their children equally without limiting their parenting skills to their gender. This way, children will grow up experiencing the feasible approaches that should be used to overcome the widespread inequality in the modern world.

I am glad that our campus organizes endless awareness programs that demonstrate the recommended relations between men and women. Our instructors uphold equality during class interactions without despising our input using the gender lens. When speakers qualified to speak on feminism are invited in the learning environment, I always attend the sessions to familiarize myself with their unique thought process, which has played a significant role in molding my perspectives towards life. Besides, I am glad to have supportive friends who understand the need to live in a society that is based on framework of equality.

When many women understand the importance of aligning their interests with the multiple feminist campaigns, it will become easier for them to apply their knowledge on feminism when challenging the numerous oppressive systems such as patriarchy and others that promote unequal beliefs and values. Over the years, the world has undergone a series of transformations that have succeeded in their efforts to influence the overall thought process of individuals. In each human generation, various leaders have emerged and taken the lead in creating awareness on the best techniques that should be used to address a wide range of societal problems affecting individuals in their surroundings. Hence, understanding the changing application of feminism theories and embracing change is one of the elements that should be adopted in the world today.



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