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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622, which was written in October 1791 for the clarinetist Anton Stadler. The concert was an Iceland symphony concert held in 2015. The main conductor of the Iceland concert was Cornelius Meister, where the clarinet was Arngunnur Árnadóttir. It involves a 31-minute performance, where there are three movements, which include the Allegro, the Adagio, and the Rondo Allegro. The Allegro is in A major and Sonata form, whereas the Adagio is in D major and a ternary form. Finally, the Rondo is in major and rondo form. The concert was held at the Harpa concert hall and conference center which is in Reykjavík, Iceland. As for the attire, most of the performers were donned in black causal wear, except for the lead violinist. The arrangement of the entire orchestra group was also very well designed where each of the members was easily visible and audible in the whole performance.

Composition Title  Composer  Style Period
Allegro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(1756 to 1791)


Adagio Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(1756 to 1791)


Rondo (Allegro) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(1756 to 1791)



I enjoyed the excellent compositions which the performances presented on the stage, due to their unique coordination and rendition of the tunes through the use of different instruments. The instruments were well utilized, where various performers were exceptional in their specific performances. The integration of the three movements was done in a very articulate manner. It ensured that the audience enjoyed every moment and each instrument utilized by the musicians. A reason for enjoying the concert more was the orchestration, where there were stimulating effects employed in every movement, there were also great instrument pairings and the use of distinctive instruments such as Two flutes, two bassoons, two horns, and strings. The harmony and the coordination by the players were also other amazing aspects of the concert, which made it one of the best events to be held in Iceland. The players seemed to understand the instruments’ unique qualities, where they sparked agility, through their movements in different capacities. I also loved the composition because of the uniformity, the confidence, and the prowess showcased by all the performers. The leading violinist was superb, where the rest of the orchestra members also displayed rhythm, tone balance, stage presence, and blended well to come up with master art pieces.

Some of the music elements I liked least included the languid Tempo in some cases, which I believed should have been a little quicker. A few of the instruments were also hardly audible, a factor that the performers could work on and improve in their future performances. I also liked least the conclusion of the orchestra where I felt that the performers ought to have made it at a lesser pitch and a more balanced tone, to make it entirely perfect. However, in totality, the performance was beyond excellent, with very few impediments.

General Reaction

I would attend another concert of this kind because of its calmness, the ambiguity it provides. I would also be willing to hear the great hymns which are excellently performed. I would recommend anyone with a preference for orchestra or this kind of music to attend such a performance, for a breathtaking experience, and as a way of calming nerves and enjoying great hymns and playing of instruments. After the concert, I was awed by every aspect of the performance since this was my first time ever attending such an event. I was also mesmerized by the prowess and skills that the performers, especially the violin player, showcased. Immediately, the players commenced, I never wanted to leave the sit due to the great harmonies and the excellence portrayed by the entire orchestra team. By the end of the performance, it felt like the event ended abruptly, where there was an urge to hear more of the hymns from every person in attendance. This was clearly one of the best moments of my life and would wish to attend more orchestras in the future to learn about new rhythms and get to experience such a spectacular kind of art.

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