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Wireless Network Design | IT Assignment Help Online

In developing a wireless network, it is vital to contemplate numerous factors, including the nature of the site, point-to-point bridging, roaming, and the wireless network application. It is indispensable to consider the number of users for optimum functioning of the wireless network. A significant part of the Glenridge to Alpharetta switch would be developing a Wireless LAN setup. Personnel would require the ability to use their gadgets and work computers wirelessly as meetings and calls may be conducted remotely.  The profit of a wireless network involves allowing devices to be connected to a system and information to be shared without physically being linked to network hardware. The network’s configuration or selected topology is vital in ascertaining the performance levels. When designing WLAN, it is essential to consider the hardware placement, the type of devices, and wireless infrastructure.

Network Diagram



Hardware placement, hardware device choices, topology choice, and overall wireless infrastructure decisions

The strategic hardware placement will rely on every device’s particular stipulations, such as wireless signal range and several link points. The wireless access points would be placed in a centralized position to generate the shortest distance between links and facilitate the connectivity of many gadgets. Moreover, it is essential to position the devices in regions with minimal interference of signals. It may not be recommended to position hardware within a room with numerous devices that might obstruct the signal. Ethernet cables would be connected from the router to the access point, facilitating communication to all wireless gadgets. Moreover, the router links to the ISP and facilitates communication between the local area network, additional gadgets, and the internet. The access point lets the wireless local area network function and is vital because it is generally used in administrative centers and large structures. Switches would also be integrated to link devices by ethernet to the network.

To offer the network layout, the topology lays the basis of the network’s infrastructure. The appropriate office topology would be a wireless infrastructure topology. This is attributed to the fact that it is founded on the wireless access points placed on the 10th floor of the building. This facilitates sharing of resources, file sharing, and additional network sources. It is secure, enhances performance, accessibility, and management. When developing a wireless enterprise network, it is crucial to consider the design and infrastructure are the most important. Moreover, the Infrastructure wireless topology is considered part of the 802.11 network structure (McCuhil, 2019). More access points may similarly be integrated to reduce network congestion. Lastly, the Infrastructure wireless topology will profit the network project as it is regarded as a more long-term functionality for the system.

IP Addressing Strategy

An IP address is offered to exclusively assist in the process of ascertaining a host or a network gadget (Meyers, 2018). The IP address selection would include bearing in mind client terminals and access points.  Even though every device on the floor might be linked to three or more access points, they would still need access to share information on a similar system. The organisation process remains the same with classes A, B, C, D, and E. In this case, class B IP addressing procedures would be pragmatic. This selection would allow the ever-changing number of wirelessly linked gadgets to sustain independent IPs devoid of any occupancy concerns. The wireless system would be continuously altering on a day-to-day basis. This is attributed to the BYOD policies that would let workers link to the wireless network at any given duration on the locations. The number of impending wireless links is challenging to exert, devoid of extremely limiting personal device guidelines. As a result, a range should be determined with a minimum and a maximum number of gadgets that would link to the wireless network.

Wireless Standards

Various standards prompted the wireless network design for the company. Foremost, The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security principle within the IEEE 802.11b aims to provide a similar level of safety to wireless systems found in wired systems. WEP offers broadcast encryption, password safety, and other encryption-based security mechanisms. This principle is vital to the company’s new network. Wireless access may result in numerous infringements. Any principles that may be used to avert such attacks are worth exploiting.

Point-to-Point Protocol, identified as PPP, was a critical determining aspect in the network’s topology. PPP is a direct information link procedure that links two separate nodes through a direct communication line. PPP bears security mechanisms to assist in facilitating privacy. For instance, PPP incorporated a certification layer for appropriate authentication. If PPP is entirely incorporated into the structure, the protocol may similarly offer encryption and information compression mode.

Depending on how the system will require to account for scaling, the IEEE 802.11ac principle would be used. This standard provides large speed surges in the rate of transmission. The measure integrates support for MU-MIMO, similarly identified as multi-user, multiple-input, and multiple-output (Beal, 2020). The ac criterion provides backing both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Particularly, the 5 GHz band may use advanced antennas tallies and broadcast frequencies.

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