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Wildlife Crime Essay | Do My Homework Paper

Wildlife Crime Essay | Do My Homework Paper

My image is a picture of a dead Rhino that poachers have killed in an African national park.  The image reflects illegal poaching, smuggling and transport of wildlife animals, a significant challenge worldwide. Criminal groups or individuals kill wildlife for financial profits or with the aim of material gains. The picture represents wild; life crimes across the globe, where crime is the fourth most lucrative forms of organized crime in the world.  As a result of the crime, many of the world’s wild animals are getting extinct or endangered.

Africa is the most affected continent, where many endangered species have been killed, including rhinos, big cats, elephants and pangolins, to name a few.  As a result, many countries are focusing on protecting their endangered species, making the protective measures a national priority. However, the laws in these crimes are generally less stringent and have done less to ensure that they protect the increasing poaching cases across different nations.

Poaching is more lucrative than other crime, such as drug trafficking, where there are many syndicates and cartels making fortunes out of the wildlife crimes.  There is, therefore, a need for governments and other non-state organizations to work together to minimize and eradicate the increasing cases of wildlife crimes. This is to ensure that all wild animals, more so the endangered species, are protected and that the offenders are severely punished.

Comments on the video about illegal Ivory trafficking Route

The video on illegal ivory trading is very comprehensive and insightful. It touches on major issues related to wildlife crime and nicely explains why this is a significant challenge faced by all nations worldwide. The video also provides new information regarding trade routes, where it can be used in the future by authorities and researchers in developing new measures of combating the crimes.

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