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Why am looking forward to pursue an MBA or MS program?

Pursuing an MBA has been one of my greatest dreams. I am confident about the program since I believe in my strengths, prowess and ability to change myself towards becoming a better person in multiple fields. I am certain that pursuing my MBA will aid in developing my management and leadership skills as well as create bolder connections with larger networks. I will also be able to open a door to many new opportunities within my field, which will not only empower myself but also those around me. From the MBA program I hope to become more flexible, credible, and highly recognizable on a wider network; which are all vital components of my career growth and development. Other areas I seek to pursue include personal development andΒ Effective Communication Skills, both of which are vital for my growth.

I am pursuing my Bachelors in Finance, which after completion I wish to continue with the master’s program. At the same time I am in the Army, a career that requires discipline, knowledge, and skills, which will be important for my MBA. Being in the army also requires me to be great in leadership skills, be hardworking, and pushing myself. These attributes will integrate well with an MBA. Another key reason as to why I look forward to pursuing an MBA is because I hope to become a finance warrant officer in the Army in future. The position will require me to be skilled and well suited to run the position effectively. Having an MBA will be an added advantage in the recruitment process.

Growing up, I have continually grown fond of Finance. This drove me to pursue the bachelor’s degree in the field. Integrating it with an MBA will help in ensuring that I get to experience different sides of the major that I chose. Through this, I will be more accomplished in various fields, which when utilized together, can work well in my career and personal development. Additionally, other than the army and finance expertise, I am a tutor for Middle scholars. I teach them subjects such as math which are in the field of Finance. I also aid kids in the cleps tests by teaching them various subjects on economics. Ultimately, I am looking forward to coming up with sustainable solutions concerning my field of specialization. I also seek to identify the various issues and concerns in the field of finance which will be boosted my MBA.

Nevertheless, despite my experience and education, I still lack some important knowledge and managerial experiences, which will be boosted by the MBA. Given the chance, I will do my best to ensure that I improve in these areas that will be of great importance to my career. I am on my way to undertaking the next step in my career planning which involves receiving the MBA degree. I believe that I am on the right path to achieve my goals and am anxiously waiting for my next phase in development. I also believe that my skills alongside my experience will continually assist me in achieving my long-term objective. I hope and believe that my application for the MBA will be accepted by your institution.

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