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Who Am I? | Essay Paper Sample

There exists a relationship between the environment and human beings. Humans act as a system that has a noticeable effect on the environment. The human body may be considered a system because various factors contribute to the life of a human (Navarro & Muniesa, 2017). The system can be splited into subsystems that help humans to relate to the broader environment. These subsystems include the psychological, biological, and spiritual dimensions. The psychological function of my body is a standard part of my behaviors. Regarding the biological dimension, some organs in the body link to this function. The nervous system that contains three subsystems helps to guide the views humans have toward the environment. The reproductive system also helps in reproduction to ensure there is the existence of humans in the environment. The kind of environment that individuals stay in interferes with their biological function. The biological aspect cannot be ignored when considering the environment.

The psychological dimension has a significant influence on human behavior (Lotfi et al., 2016). The psyche of humans is formed by emotions and cognitions, which though separate, connect internally. The cognitions determine how people view activities they do, and data brought to them by the surrounding. When information is received, humans blend it to act reasonably in that specific situation. Theories like information processing theory have been used to indicate the relationship between the human psychological aspect and the environment. The spiritual element is the last dimension that makes the human system. The spiritual aspect helps to find ways and meaning to link with the universe. Most of the activities that define spiritual issues include morals and what different individuals take to be good. This aspect is affected by things like age, race, cultural diversity, and gender. In conclusion, it is true to say that I am a human being who functions as a system in the environment. Various subsystems form my life.

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