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White Paper Review Assignment

. Sentence fragment in the introduction. 

Burnout refers to the physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

  1. Previous Approachessection. 

Sentence 1: According to Karen Weiner, a Chief Medical officer and CEO of a physician-owned group of around 140 healthcare providers, after completing a survey said, 86% of CEOs (chief executive officers), 86% of CMOs (chief medical officers), and 81% of COOs (chief operating officers) thought they had an issue with clinician burnout.

Sentence 2: However, only 21% of CEOs, 18% of CMOs, and 21% of COOs said they were doing anything about it (Thew, 2017).

  1. Examine the Conclusion

Error 1: Sentence level error.

Burnout in the clinical setting can be an incredibly difficult problem to assess and quantify. However, if healthcare leaders realize that burnout amongst their employees dramatically hinders the success of their organizations, they might consider taking the steps mentioned above to understand it further.

Error 2: Sentence level error.

Minimizing burnout can be achieved through incorporating wellness activities, keeping in touch with the staff, changing shifts, and ensuring that new employees were started off on the right foot.

  1. The overall response to the white paper

The author of the paper manages to identify a problem, which is burnout among clinical staff and executives. Additionally, the author successfully incorporates reasonable approaches to addressing the problem. However, the major problem is that the white paper flouts various grammatical rules, such as use of appropriate prepositions, separation of sentences with commas, and the right choice of words, among others. Right from the first sentence, the author creates a poor impression by writing a fragmented sentence. Similarly, many errors dominate the introductory paragraph and other sections of the paper. These errors detract the reader from grasping the intended message. As Appelman and Schierbach (2017) elucidate, a paper characterized by grammatical errors is perceived as low quality, less informative, and of low credibility. Hence, the persuasiveness of the paper is diminished by grammatical errors.

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