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What is Art? Art Discussion Homework

I believed that art is basically a form of expression used by human beings and is considered that only humans can develop art which proves that entertainment and art are two different aspects altogether. In regards to the definition of what is art, the elephant depicted in one of the works of art does not form the works of art that also applies to the beauty of nature frequently referred by many as God’s form of art and therefore does not qualify as any form of art. The performed art may be recorded which means that it remains to a flat print that resembles that of dimensional be painting.

When art is created by humans, it is seen as a form of interpretation of the real things or assign meaning that involves an imagination or perception created by artists. Many forms of art contrast in terms of nature, no matter how artistic they may be viewed. Art comprises of certain subjects that involve what it talks about as well as what it reflects and also art comprises of a medium which is method that comprises of substance, style and techniques utilized in the creation of art. For instance, in the image of the tree is interpreted differently by choosing the various aspects and perceptions to highlight any forms of art.

Understanding Of Art

Many people view art as a creative outcome that enables individuals to see life from a different perspective. During their interaction with other people, various art forms expose individuals to a unique environment where they can experience life differently. In this course, I learned that people could derive pleasure from different art forms that exist to satisfy multiple expectations. For instance, while one might associate with music more than paintings or sculptures, their identity is likely to resonate with that of famous musicians who speak their language. From this realization, one can easily understand the numerous approaches that are used to portray life and enable individuals to discover their potential.

Course Reflection on Art

From my interaction with the concepts taught in class, I am now aware of the unique definition of art despite the different forms. I was intrigued by the description of art as a form of human expression where people can release their emotions and engage with the rest of the world. While many people vent to their loved ones, especially when things fail to work out, one can narrow down on artistic pieces, where they explore various opportunities that can be used to enhance their emotional stability. Exploring the concepts of art broadens one’s thought process and allows them to discover different possibilities that can be realized through embracing art.

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