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What Inspired my Choice to study and major in psychology?

I always knew what I would like to be a psychologist or in a related field as a child. This was attributed to the fact that I am much interested in the well-being of others and always want them to nourish and do well in life. I always dreamt of being a person whose career involved intercepting with others and helping them in my best possible way. As I grew up, my desire to learn more about the human mind and behavior increased. This prompted me to continually research the issues surrounding the human mind before settling that I would, in the end, major in psychology, a course that would help me further my understanding and knowledge on issues related to the human mind.

A strong interest in the subject was another reason that prompted me to settle for the psychology course. I have been a huge fan of volunteering and have hence been able to work with many institutions that deal with mental issues and psychology. In these institutions, I applied psychology principles, which motivated me further to one day have my non-profit organization which will aid the youths in dealing with mental health challenges.

When at school, life sometimes becomes exceptionally challenging. I, hence, always remind myself that I have an impact in life, and I need to impact people and those living around them positively. I believe that large-scale changes should be on individuals first before they move to the communities. To change the world, we have to value people and work hard for it first. By being a phycologist, I will help people in their transformation and help them become more unconditionally loving, tolerant and compassionate people who take care of their mental well-being. I also believe that when people are more comfortable with who they are, they can spread positivity to others, hence making the world a better place for all. Encouraging this kind of energy and motivation on an individual level, then to the global level, motivates me to get through and continue pursuing my career and program until I get to succeed in achieving my best goals and objectives.

In the current times, there have multiple cases of mental challenge issues. Many people are going through mental distress and are indeed in need of medical interventions. After completing my studies in psychology, I will ensure on top of dealing with people who have psychological issues. I will also be a huge advocate of reducing stigma and increasing the number of people seeking help. This is since I will be a fortunate individual to have pursued a degree in the course and use it to help positively impact society.

I hope through increased research and advocacy; society can understand the extreme effects of psychological issues and why there is the need to understand it to care for themselves. After completing education, I will ensure to pursue my dream of advocating for the need to understand the psychosocial origins of distress. Some of the most likely factors leading to such distress in the community include inequality, poverty, and trauma, among many others. This will greatly aid the country’s legislative bodies in creating better policies that protect its citizens and ensure that the citizens’ mental well-being is made a priority.


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