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What are you most proud of? Essay | College Homework Help

One of my most proud moments was organizing a fundraiser that made it possible to buy toys for the most vulnerable at a local Children’s hospital. Through the use of social media, I was able to mobilize for funds from friends, family, and acquaintances, where I asked each person to contribute any amount of money for a good cause.  I frequently made posts on the issue in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, where the response was overwhelming, with many people pledging to contribute. By the end of the campaigns, I managed to raise $20,000, where I together with my team, bought around 1000 toys and snacks which we delivered to the kids. They were overwhelmed and happy for the good cause. The fundraiser did not just make a big difference to the kids, but also made, me realize how much I was good at organizing and planning, a strength that is likely to help me in the future.

Tell me about a time you failed

 I once had projected that by the end of the year. I could have saved a sustainable amount of money. I worked very hard and ensured that I only bought the necessary goods, as a way of making sure that I could save as much as possible.  However, before the year ended a cam across a beautiful sound system, where I used a very huge amount of my savings to buy the product. This was a huge failure, since at the end I was unable to reach the projected amount, and hence did not accomplish my goal. However, this failure made me keen on self-discipline and the need for staying within my budget.

 Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team

During a teamwork exercise, one member tended to come late and contributing very little to the group. One day the other team member got offended by the actions, a factor that brought about the conflict in the group. I was one of the members who complained about the issue. Instead of apologizing, the later comer decided to insult other members, a factor that brought about conflict. However, I managed to settle the dispute by talking to him in person and explaining to him why his behavior was not tolerable. He since then, he changed haggis behavior where the team was able to finally accomplish its set goals and objectives.

 Tell me about a time you were a leader. What challenges did you have? Results?

            A major problem I faced as a leader was dealing with difficult people. I also had challenges of staying motivated and maintaining focus. Another major challenge I faced was delivering bad news to the team I was leading.  For the difficult, people, I constantly sought advice, where I managed to control them and make them focus on the goals of the team. On other issues, I encouraged myself and continued to focus on the key goal, where I, together with the rest of the team encouraged each other to the end.

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