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Week 5 Discussion Guide

  1. The type of white paper

This is a technical white paper. This is since it expounds on how something works, where it expounds on the sample robots that can be used by people with autism (Canright communications , 2011). It also has details of the robots, and how it will be developed to develop solutions to people with the conditions.

  1. The best aspect of the white paper on autism

The best aspect of this paper is the articulation of significant points involving the topic of study. The white paper clearly identifying the issue of autism and then tends to develop solutions that will be brought by the interactive social robots and their role in the specialized education curriculum.

  1. Areas that would benefit from more research and more citing of sources

There are areas that the previous approaches that would require more research and citing of sources. The first key area is the methods used for teaching social skills, where the writer ought to have added more citations as a way of making the information more credible for use. A second area requiring more research and sources in the area of group therapy, which only has one source, means that extra resources would help make the paper more credible and authentic.

  1. A grammar error in the executive summary

A grammar error identified is the use of the word it’s rather than its, where it should read,” each exhibiting its own set of challenges.”

  1. Need for additional graphics

Additional graphics are very vital for a white paper. They make the reader more attracted to the information being presented in the paper. Additional graphics could help enable a better illustration and explanation of the data presented in the paper. Graphics would help supplement words with illustrations, charts, or pictures, which will make the readers understand the details more (Watola, David, Jay, & Kim, 2020). The part of new findings will require additional graphics to make it more appealing to the readers.

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