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We are Cyborgs | Machine Learning Homework Help

When growing up, many people heard the word “cyborg” in movies and never wondered if these man-machine systems could be applicable in the real world. In the contemporary setting, cyborg technology has become part and parcel of the community. It has enabled individuals to manage distinct processes. Research shows that humans are only limited to three visualization dimensions, but computers can accelerate their capacity to engage in a wide range of processes (Warwick 268). For example, humans can develop advanced sensing abilities and communication when they operate as cyborgs. Humans are cyborgs since they rely on machines to develop enhancement, change of existing abilities, and improve the quality of life.

Cyborg Technology and Human Enhancement

Humans obtain a replacement for missing body parts, enabling them to accelerate their ability to engage in a wide range of functions and tasks. One of the benefits is the restoration of lost abilities. For example, if a human being loses an eye, this reduces their ability to see appropriately. However, Eyeborg technology can enable them to see. Barfield and Williams (10) state visual system can develop computational skills. This translates to improved capacity to see after an accident or any associated incident capable of leaving a person unable to see. Besides the restoration of lost abilities, humans can also adopt the cyborg technology to enhance their abilities. For example, if one injures their leg, making it hard for them to walk appropriately, cyborg technology comes in handy to improve their walking function through the reliance of a prosthetic leg. Therefore, technology plays a vital role in enhancing the ability to engage in something or accomplish a task.

Cyborg Technology and Adjusted Existing Ability

Humans adopt the use of cyborg technology to change an existing ability. Everyone has a chance to perceive the world in their preferable ways through cyborg technology (Ramoglu 1217). Humans rely on the technology to select elements that they want to view across distinct media platforms. For example, if an advert contains harmful content, people often use a wearable device to switch from the toxic materials and re-direct the user to less-harmful content. Another instance where cyborg technology changes an existing ability is by storing data and information. Naturally, human beings store sets of data on their mind. However, they can utilize this technology as supported by mobile applications to store information. Thus, humans are cyborgs since they use various technologies to avoid exposure to harmful technological content as well as storing valuable data and information.

Cyborg Technology and Improved Quality of Life

Humans are cyborgs since they have adopted distinct artificial intelligence technologies to improve the quality of life. The healthcare sector has largely integrated technology to treat patients suffering from brain injuries. The brain-computer interface helps locked-in patients suffering from brain injuries to communicate through the elimination of verbal or gesture mechanisms (Solon). Thus, the technology provides an opportunity to communicate and interact with other people. Notably, humans add value to their economies by adopting greater capabilities availed by the combination of biological and machine intelligence. For instance, the use of machines to replace functions such as typing and taking accelerates the completion of critical tasks. This improves the quality of life due to the higher efficiency and effectiveness availed by human machines.


The development of human-machine interactions indicates that human beings are cyborgs since the approach helps improve enhancement, change existing abilities, and improve the quality of life. The future of human beings relies on cyborg technology. The growth and advancement of technology translate to a shift from human-based processes to a wide range of use of machines and associated devices. Individuals have a better opportunity to replace or improve lost abilities, change existing abilities, and also advance their lives. Therefore, cyborg technology should be largely incorporated in the social setting.

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