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Warren Harding and Shaping the Roaring 20’s | Homework Helper

The 29th United States President, Warren Harding, assumed office from 1921 to 1923 before his demise due to an apparent heart attack. Warren Harding was a managing editor and publisher; likewise, he was a senator and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio. He was the Republican presidential candidate in 1920 and integrated the mantra “Return to normalcy” while campaigning. The mantra made him well-known as the conservative electorates connected with his message. “Return to Normalcy” became the campaign’s nickname and went on to make him triumph in the election and became the United States President. Harding utilized the element of normalcy to signify that affairs would return as usual before President Wilson assumed the reins of power and America’s participation in World War I.

Harding assumed that there were no reasons for the United States to resolve conflicts within the European sphere. Harding had a desire for America to revert to the Republican standards portrayed by leaders such as Taft, Roosevelt, and McKinley that will end the Democratic planned administration of Wilson (Martin 74). In this case, Harding pointed out that the United States did not require heroics, big ideas, upheaval, or agitation. However, he believed that all the United States required was restoration, normality, change, calmness, and sustainment (Abbott 133). Harding believed one point to effectively fight against world dominance by military tyranny since the infinite God never envisioned this kind of program.

However, it is another aspect to review humans’ nature and shelve the critical laws of life and all of life’s achievements.  If the country ends the false economics that entices humanity to absolute confusion, the administration would be the classic case of world governance (Hendrickson 10). Moreover, suppose the administration proves to be a representative accepted administration whereby citizens pursue what it might do for the administration instead of what the administration might do for people. In that case, democracy can be safe for the universe than all armed disputes ever documented.



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