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WAN Design Essay | IT Homework Help

A wide Area network is identified as a network that is existent over a large geographical region. It consists of smaller networks, which include local area networks and metropolitan area networks. This guarantees communication of computers and users in a particular location with users in other regions. According to Orbitco (2019), the implementation of WAN may be accomplished with the assistance of a public transmission system or a private network. Implementing a wide area network Fiserv would guarantee efficient communication with other regions.

Network Design


Switching and Routing

The project’s goal involves transitioning staff members from the First Data Atlanta Command center to the Fiserv co-headquarters in Alpharetta following a merger. The network’s topology may either support or obstruct the system as a whole. Following the merger, the numerous terminals would use the star bus topology. Star topology is considered to be forthright in design. Every workstation would consist of a single I/O port link to a switch. Every switch would have numerous terminals linked to it. Then, every switch would be daisy-chained back to the key router through a bus.  Ethernet cables would be integrated as they are the most common cables used to connect networking gadgets. However, one of the critical shortcomings to the design is that if a unit fails, all gadgets linked to the wireless access point (WAP) will lose internet connectivity. Basically there is no backup structure, and the whole structure rides on one crucial unit sustaining a 100 percent uptime. Moreover, because the switch is considered the central device within a star system, additional resources and regular maintenance will necessitate. Generally, the star topology system warrants less wiring, is generally less costly, is dependable and strong, is easy to install and detect faults.

Strategy to Assigning the IP addresses

IP addresses would be allocated through dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). By integrating DHCP, it would allow endpoints linking to the network to automatically request an IP address. Moreover, DHCP will similarly provide tight control of the IP address configuration, for instance, several accessible addresses, leasing period, and, when needed, perpetual assignment of IP address. Most of the devices on the network would obtain permanent addresses. In this case, for instance, File and application servers may need committed Internet protocol addresses. These addresses would as well be managed across the DHCP server. However, the addresses would be set aside and allocated to every device. There are diverse IP addresses for every switch and PC since they cannot be linked to a similar IP address. They would still be capable of sharing information since they are still linked to the same network. To safeguard sensitive information shared across the network, there are diverse mechanisms that may be used to safeguard the information within the system.

Strategies to Maintaining Privacy on the Network

Guaranteeing privacy for any system is of great significance. Numerous privacy approaches can be employed for IP addressing. Internal IP addressing would be private and controlled through the integration of DHCP.  This would allow internal IP addressing to be dynamically allocated. Nonetheless, this would not have a significant impact on external communications. To initiate discretion for external communications, NAT will be used to eradicate disclosure of interior IP addresses. NAT offers the ability to preserve internal IP addresses as discrete addresses and at the same time translating the communication requests to and from the public addresses on the internet. Moreover, it offers a reliable IP address structure and decreased network administration, giving additional time to work on other unrelenting concerns.

A role-based methodology for address assignment is also a good starting point to integrate some discretion into the network. Access Control Lists (ACLs) may be configured all over the network to categorize the “role” of an inbound device and choose which IP pool to allocate from or select which subnet the gadget should have accessibility to founded on where the request originates from. The ACLs stationed on the network would not permit that device to gain accessibility to the subnet’s administrator data to prevent hackers from gathering data. Control Plane Policing and Protection could also be utilized to group gadgets together that may be within a particular workstation. As a result, this would make it easy to integrate ACLs to a whole group rather than individual gadgets.

Factors That Influence Network Design

Numerous aspects influence a network’s design. Three essential standards assisted in influencing the plan of the wireless network. The first standard that offered an insight into the project is the Point-to-Point Protocol. It is a data linkage protocol that links two nodes through a direct channel of communication (Sivasubramanian Frahim & Froom, 2016). Point-to-Point Protocol not only offers extra security mechanisms to the connecting links, but it similarly offers encryption and compression. Encryption is very vital in a wireless network as the data is more susceptible to harmful attacks. The other standard that influenced the network design is IEEE Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.11 standard. IEEE standards and other standards are vital since they set a defined rule that network administrators should adhere to. The third that influenced the network design is the requirements founded on the distant locations and the connectivity required to attain the business goals. Because the IP network allocation would be used to acknowledge every workstation, attention was given to the design of routing procedures and connections to both the private WAN and the internet.

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