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Virtual Reality and Impacts on Sports | Custom Essay Writing Help Online

Overview and Structure of Technology

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology in creating a simulated experience which is similar or different from the real happening. Compared to traditional user interfaces, the Virtual Reality users are put inside experiences whereby instead of the users watching screen in front, they are engrossed and interact with 3D environments (It just got real – NBC SportsWorld, 2020). Virtual Reality aids in simulation of senses like vision, hearing, smell and touch as the computer uses math and sensors. Therefore, instead of the virtual reality users locating real camera in physical environment, their eyes are situated in the simulated environment. The Virtual Reality technology graphics respond according to the users’ head movement. The technology forms a convincing and communicating world to the users, instead of compositing actual view and virtual objects (Impact of Virtual Reality On The Sports Industry, 2020).

According to Kuchera (2016), Virtual Reality comprises of stereoscopic head-mounted display, head motion tracking sensors that include gyroscopes, magnetometers, accelerometers and structured light systems and stereo sound.

Potential impacts of Virtual Reality Technology in Sports

Broadcasting of Matches Using Virtual Reality

Currently, the world is witnessing large number of people moving from using television screens to Virtual Reality which is revolutionizing how people watch sports at the same time attracting new audiences. The technology employs 360-degree video cameras that give an immersive experience to viewers using their mobiles or headsets. Virtual Reality technology enables the audience to view what they desire as they concentrate on key players (Joshi, 2020).

Using Virtual Reality in Playing Sports

The users of Virtual Reality can become players by immersing themselves in playing sports into virtual reality sports arena. The technology helps in creating an experience that is better, engaging and interactive to the users. Examples of platforms made for Virtual Reality gaming include Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive (Impact of Virtual Reality On The Sports Industry, 2020).

Training Athletes and Sports Teams

The crucial part of athlete training technique is the understanding and capturing of movements and motions of players. With the use of Virtual Reality technology, coaches are able to view players performance from training sessions and in real games. Virtual Reality is also essential to indoor trainings sports such as tennis, basketball and baseball where players train in simulated environment and can later view the feedback and make adjustments in techniques (Lab, 2020).

Equipment Design and Innovation

Virtual Reality technology is used in creating better sports equipment like clothes and running shoes. Innovation is a critical factor in sports industry as sportspeople try to look ways, they can gain competitive edge.

Application of Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model

Threats of New Entrants

In Virtual reality industry, entry barriers are high as contracts have to be signed that takes time and that the industry has contracts with film video companies. Thus, the technology has low pressure from potential competitors (The analysis of VR industry via Porter’s 5 forces, 2020).

Threats of Substitute Products

Virtual Reality technology enables users to easily access services such as matches, concerts performance at a cheaper or affordable price as they feel like they are on real event. The technology faces substitutes such as livestream on television or YouTube and recorded versions. Also, to technology has to consider providing real entertainment events. Virtual Reality technology provide services with recorded version of music to counter some of the substitute products. The technology has medium to high pressure on threat of substitute products.

The Bargaining Power of Buyers

The key power of the Virtual Reality technology lies within their preferences, for if the buyers are not satisfied with the variety of services offered by technology, they are free to refuse the services. Additionally, the number of buyers plays vast responsibility, as amount of virtual reality glasses and price of services required entirely depends on them. Therefore, the technology has high pressure on the bargaining power of buyers (The analysis of VR industry via Porter’s 5 forces, 2020).

The Bargaining Power of Suppliers

The technology suppliers encompass the companies organizing for events and the virtual reality glasses producers as the technology depends entirely on them. The producers of virtual reality glasses are many with different prices and quality giving an alternative to the users. Thus, the technology bargaining power is medium to high pressure.

Rivalry Among Existing Firms

The technology has no direct competitors, but same services are being offered by Rift and Samsung Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality users will buy any type of glass and connect to variety of existing apps. However, the technology remains competitive as it provides services like broadcasting of actual time events with clear view. Therefore, the technology has low pressure on the rivalry among existing competitors (The analysis of VR industry via Porter’s 5 forces, 2020).

Privacy, Legal and Ethical Concerns

Virtual Reality technology continues to create new applications past regular entertainment because of increasing availability of virtual reality technologies and extreme immersive experience. As the possible benefits of virtual reality are vast, debates on the ethical complications of this technology is arising. The possible ethical implications of the virtual reality technology include the cognitive and physiological effects and social and behavioral dynamics. Thus, the identification and management of processes of solving developing ethical problems will happen not only through laws and regulations but also by the ethics in practice (Kenwright, 2020).

Security Concerns Inherent to Using Technology and Mitigation

As the Virtual reality technologies advancements are adopted by corporate institutions such as healthcare entities in training and various purposes, institutions are urged to cautiously consider technology privacy and security dangers it poses to them. Some of the possible privacy and security concerns technology poses include the risks of breaches and hacking of records entailing private information when the product is in use. Risk of breaching involves improper protection of personal information that the users submit to creators of virtual reality gear with software applications during the registration and payment procedure (Virtual Reality: Real Privacy and Security Risks, 2020).

Thus, due to the potential risks the virtual reality technology poses to the users, the users must carefully examine the terms of services for device and other related software through learning the information to be collected by virtual reality vendors. In addition, virtual reality application with malware and other vulnerabilities in cloud environments that host virtual reality platforms can result to breach risks.

Recommendations on Cyber Attack or Natural Disaster.

Cyber-attack issue of hackers accessing the users’ device and records the interaction and behavior and threaten to use information to acquire ransom from the users is a sensitive matter. The virtual reality technology should enough that as the users enjoy their services, the key information of users should be protected from access by unauthorized person. Virtual Reality content producers and devices are at constant pressure to produces new releases by the impatient public. Thus, hurrying up of producing new product can lead to poor security testing and checks exposing the products to vulnerabilities. Virtual Reality technology should avoid the pressure and produce products that will be effective and not vulnerable to cyber-attacks (Cyber Security Challenges Of Virtual And Augmented Reality | ARPost, 2020).  Also, the Virtual Reality should ensure that critical institutions such heathcare who uses their technology are properly guarded and not subject to any cyber-attacks that will cost the institution huge amount of money from the hackers (Cyber security risks of virtual and augmented reality | Appthisway®, 2020).

Financial Impact during Development and Implementation

Virtual Reality development and implementation entails creating a world that a person will experience most realistic sensations. But the embodiment of coming up with such an amazing idea will need external instruments and special gears such as 3D video cubes, virtual reality rooms, smartphones and glasses. Thus, such responsibility is not easy and will need financial investments to successfully develop and implement. The developer will have to spend fair amount of money to develop a virtual reality app. Though the idea might look complicated but its impact is really impressive.

Technical Details and Resources

The level of competences and specific necessities is exceptional to each platform that is used for Virtual Reality apps development. Ordinary, a good virtual reality developer has to possess a certain set of skills such as software engineering, 3D design skills, video/sound production skills, game development, UI/UX among others. Comparable to majority of software development projects, Virtual Reality begins with design. Sometimes, for prototyping or educational purposes, this step is skipped, so developers can use assets from community-run libraries. You also can find online backgrounds or textures that can improve a project without any additional effort (Filipowiak, 2019).

The second-choice developer should consider is the kind of platform. Any development needs Virtual Reality team to pick the starter SDK to shape a virtual experience around. Among community-provided APIs and tools, it’s advised to start with each brand’s official SDK. For those who want to integrate Virtual Reality solutions into their commerce without having all of the skills above, the best decision is to go for ready-made software designed specifically for the industry you are working in. For it does not need any precise skills and permits to add 3D models into virtual space on your own (Filipowiak, 2019).

Development style used in Implementation and Maintenance of the tool

The ThREe dimensional uSer interface Development (TRES-D) style is effective in development and implementation of the tool. The foundation of this style is a set of actions used to find the roles that are included, apparatuses to carry out the activities with different degrees of detail, and rules and procedures to aid developers in the accomplishment of the activities. These actions are dispersed along an ordered set of phases that include initial requirements, understand requirements, concept design, iterative design, building and implementation, deploy and maintenance (Molina, Garcia, Lopez-Jaquero & Gonzalez, 2020).


In conclusion, virtual reality technology in sports industry has helped in transformation and making games interesting to the users of the technology. However, the technology has various issues such as cyber-attacks that should be handled effectively to reduces the damages users incurred while in the use of the technology.

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