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Vincent Van Gogh, the Bedroom, 1889

The Bedroom is one of the best art pieces by Vincent Van Gogh, which was developed in 1889. The oil canvas which measures 28 ¾” x 36 1/4″ is a portrait that can be found in the Art Institute of Chicago Illinois. The painting entails painting of a room, where one sleeps and the artist had the intention of putting the viewers’ minds and imagination at rest.  This is through the use of the color combination, style of painting among many other features that make it appear unique. Vincent Van Gogh’s, “The Bedroom painting”, is a representation of simplicity, appropriate use of colors and portrayal of a message to the viewers and admirers of the art piece.

Vincent Van Gogh, the Bedroom, 1889

This art piece by Van Gogh entails painting of a bedroom in a yellow house. There is a simple use of contrasting colors. The bed, the chairs, and the table are all well represented on the painting, where Van Gogh was precise on the color articulation and contrasting major colors to make the art piece simple, unique, but with a message. There is an odd angle of the rear wall, which shows that the rules of perspective were not applied by Vincent in the course of developing the painting. The painting provides a narrative of simplicity and use of complex colors. Realism is the main style used by the painter where the painting is a representation of an actual bedroom of the artist and hence use the real colors of what his room looked like room, the climate in the room and what it represents.

Upon getting to the room, according to the art piece, there is a bed to the right m where there is a chair, table with water in it and a window which overlooks the street. The painting demonstrates the knowledge of the painter to color theory, where oranges lie against blues, reds, and green hence given contrasting sites and better visibility. The painting lacks shadows, which appears to be an inspiration from the Japanese prints which share a similarity with the type of style used. The perspective of the painting is also distorted, making some of the objects within the painting to appear as if they are falling or appear not to be steady.  The odd angle used by the painter makes it to fail to align squarely. Using lines in the art piece gives the painting a character and also depth.

A major line can be seen outlining the bottom of the bed, which is greatly articulated by the artist. There is also use of storing strokes which gives a sense of space between the floor and the frame’s bottom end. The use of depth brush strokes, which occasionally vary immensely on the art piece, a factor that showcases the creation of depth by the artist.

The color value is a visible aspect of the painting.   There is soft hue on the piece against a strong blue hue between the floor and the frames, hence providing enough contrast for the painting. The string hue of the table also greatly connects the visuals of the bed and the chairs. By looking at the table, then the eyes are forced to have a view of all other objects that are within the room.  There are various techniques used in the creation of textures, where the floorboards seem to have used multiple layers of paint as a way of creating the tones used for the wood.

The use of paints on the glass found on the window provides a clear realism aspect, where it looks like an actual surface, a factor that proves that Van Gogh had prowess in producing realistic paintings that resemble actual life. With regards to shapes, there are many squares and rectangles that are vital in that they help in the flow of painting. The use of these shapes helps in focusing on the entire piece and get a clear view of all the objects that the artists intended to be visible. The rendering of things and the high-strung nature indicate relaxed perceptions. The use of scattered objects in the room also portrays the bright surrounding of the bedroom.


Various styles and aspects used by Van Gogh in “the Bedroom “painting portray simplicity and also easily depict a message of comfort and rest which can be found in this room. There is a clear representation of happiness from the colors, the used perspectives, the shapes used for the painting. This is since the bright colors, the real shapes used for the room and the spaces visualize happiness. The painting visualizes a perfect rest, a factor that is proven by its bright contrast of the high colors and the sharp angles used by the artist. The art piece is a clear reflection of other types of Van Gogh works which incorporate realism and post-impressionism styles.

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