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Video Concert Report Essay Example

Ludwig van Beethoven (German): Symphony #7 (1812): Performance by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Beethoven Seventh symphony is a spectacular performance and composition performed at the Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The act is also referred to as the “apotheosis of the dance,” where the orchestra well displays various vital elements of musical compositions. There is a combination of instrumental voices that seem to enter into a sublime dance through a combination of different components and instruments, which are well-guided and coordinated. The orchestra members come to life, one by one, where they put in celebratory chords of the opening introduction. In the second movement, the compositions turn in to a solemn procession, beginning in the low strings. By closely listening to the piece, there is the constant repetition of rhythmic Ostinato which rises to heroic proportions as the movements unfold.

The performance is an irresistible rhythmical symphony, which involves an enormous vitality and energy. It is evident the spectators are not only impressed but also entertained continuously throughout the well-coordinated composition. The excellent coordination, the changing rhythms, and the constant use of different instruments, more so the violin, and the flute makes the piece unique, leaving a listener awed and yearning for more. There are four movements used in the seventh symphony. The first movement starts at 00:01, where there is an introduction. This first brings in a rhythmical background, where the audience hear the motif of the first part. The introductory part of the symphony brings in many elements as there is a perfect expression through sounds. The second movement (Allegretto) starts at 14:44, which historically is one of the most celebrated movements (Concertgebouworkest, 2015). The movement depicts greatness since it brings in a whole new atmosphere, and emphasizing on contrast. The third movement commences at the 24:31 minute and is a representation of a splendid triumph through the rendering of the scherzo form. It also conveys a genuine scene, with pictorial meanings and associations (Concertgebouworkest, 2015). The last movement (34:07) brings immense joy from its beginning to end. The movement is like a favorite folk song. It is showcasing Beethoven’s creativity, impeccable form, and talent by incorporating all the musical resources in the development of themes and integrating the instrumentation.

The musical lines for the symphony often get obscured. An example is the clarity of the inner voice in the passage at the beginning of 2:52. This could be attributed to the combination of factors that include intimacy of the performance, the excellent recording quality, which is seen on the YouTube platform (Concertgebouworkest, 2015). There is also an incredible cohesiveness and precision of the orchestra, where the coordinator is doing an excellent job to ensure that orchestra members are in great coordination and follow the arrangements in place. The buoyant energy by the performance is another factor that makes it a magical performance: one would continuously listen without getting bored. By listening and watching the performance, one can also barely spot any mistake or error due to the excellent coordination portrayed by the orchestra.

Another notable character and factor that makes the orchestra exemplary is the guest conductor, Iván Fischer. From the performance, it is apparent that he has a unique way of working: he appears to be committed, disciplined, and has the enthusiasm of music, resulting in a beautiful and special performance. Iván Fischer conducts the musical, which is a replica of the performance by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1813 and was meant for the soldiers who had been wounded in the Battle of Hanau (Wiersma, et al., 2016). He well coordinates the team as his virtuosity and communication with each members of the orchestra is visible. Through his coordination, Ivan gives the audience a fascinating explanation of Beethoven’s time, through the art of music.

The flute and violin are conspicuous in this performance and help in remembering Beethoven, who sued this performance as a way of uniting people from different horizons, places and get through this classical piece. As observed from the video, it is apparent that the audience is keen on following all the aspects of the composition. They silently listen and watch as the orchestra greatly executes the symphony through different movements. On the other hand, the performers are conversant with the silence and attention of the audience, hence ensuring their best performances without making any errors or underperforming, making this a memorable symphony performance. For the performance, the most effectively utilized instruments are flutes, clarinets in A, bassoons, horns, trumpets, strings, and timpani.


The symphony is a spectacular performance, where the orchestra surpasses itself in performing the four movements. All the instruments are in harmony and showcase the creativity of the legendary Beethoven. It is apparent that the audience is astonished and awed by the performance, where one can listen to the changing tunes of the strings and different tunes as the composition progresses.

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