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VARK Questionnaire Analysis | Homework Help Online

The growingcomplexity of patient needs and the changing healthcare landscape makes it essential for a health practitioner to have professional learning or instructional abilities. Evaluating patient learning styles, incorporatingvariable teaching methods, and offering asuitableatmosphere where learning ensues agreesto apersonalized approach with encouragingresults. Motivation is a fundamental aspect of learning. Grown-ups learn from the need to gain knowledge, a change in abilities or behaviors, or a transformation in attitude. Co-operation with the patients to develop an educational plan with well-defined, assessable objectives will command better compliance and resulting in ideal education results.

Learning Style Summary Based on VARK Questionnaire

Based on the VARK questionnaire, the results include visual 9, Aural 7, Read/Write 14, andKinesthetic 9. Therefore, my ideal learning style is multimodal preference. Multimodal approaches necessitate a selection of visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic approach combinations. To guarantee effectiveness, learners need to be conversant with diverse modes of teaching. Multimodal learning preferential approachesallowapprentices to tap into various learning methods that advance their information retention. Based on this teaching approach, the benefits are that apprenticeswouldhave in-depth learning over a short-term period. A deeper understanding increases content mastery and consequently improving retention of information. The apprentices ‘ attention is likewiseupheld when incorporatingdiverse learning methods. Multimodal teaching methods are a move in the rightcourse for most students. They educatelearnersregardingexplicit preferences they mayutilize to guarantee that they embrace a more stringent yearning for new products.Learners remain familiar with numerousforms of learning that in particular fields maygenerate the maximumresults.

Preferred Learning Styles

The ideal style of learning is a reading / writing strategy. I, at all times, want to make the most of accessing handouts, published resources, or workbooks when conducting my exam research.  My enthusiasm to conduct my research in library precinctssimilarly resulted in selecting this particular strategy. The preferred lining stylesmake use of printed phrases as the principalmechanism for conveying and getting information.According to Willingham, Hughes & Dobolyi (2015), this approach utilizes various aspects, including reviewing the available notes, dictionaries, journals, and coursebooks and re-writing transcripts. Moreover, it necessitates the integration of numerous lists. To benefit from this approach, it is essential to re-write the notes in one’s terms, enhancing an individual’s understanding of the complex concepts. There are several disparities in terms of teaching outcomes and data retentionin contrast to my idealmethod, the read and write. In comparison to the reading and writing approach that may capitalize on published materials, the multimodal mechanism facilitates data retention as they are acclimatized to diverse methods that fit particular disciplines.

Impact of Individual Learning Styles on Understanding and Performing Educational Activities.

According to Mitchell James and D’Amore (2015), the point to which apprenticesunderstand and conduct learning undertakingshas a significant impact on individual learning modes. No learner can bear similar characteristics as another learner. Therefore, there is no prospect that the identical learning style may benefit two apprentices. This necessitatesan adjustment of learning techniques to suit individual needs.Integrating non-individual preference styles of teachingefficientlyleads to wastage of energy, time and harms learning. The learning styles have an affirmative impact on the learners’ outcome as they tend to value every form of learning they undertake, hence improving their understanding and remembering.

Since learning and thinking styles are critical intellectual abilities, they tend to face significant risks when ignored. Student’s performance in classrooms is mainly attributed to the learning mechanisms. Apprentices do better when their dutysuits their idealstyle of learning and thinking. A majority of learners tend to settle with their ideal learning refinements in the training occasions that are compatible. Most apprentices are ad in their teaching forms and tend to cope with changing the degree of accomplishment in numerous learning environments.Also, tutors tend to resolve their teaching techniques to their ideallearning style. When the idealeducators’ learning style corresponds with the ideal learning styles, there are significantly higher prospects of improved outcomes.As a result, understanding the styles of learning assures better and superior outcomes.

Importance of Understanding Individuals’ Learning Styles

The capability to comprehend an individual’s positive learning results or learner involved in health advancement is greatly valuable, as it aids with information gathering in the delivery structure.Moreover, they bear an excellent outcome on the administration of informationgathering and data is directed on the level of health learning and in combination with anticipatedknowledgeformat, which is the capability to advance patient skills and understanding. Patient understanding is enhanced by advancing patient understanding by individualizing health data to desired literacy levels. According to Cuevas & Dawson (2018), people have three distinctive learning styles that significantly impact their lives, based on the relationship with colleagues, family, and friends. For instance, a divergent style is fundamentally based on creativity and inventiveness.

People who prefer these forms of teaching are considered incredibly inventive and treasure interpersonal relations. The style may have an impact on the behavior based on how a person may perceive a problem.  The assimilator style pertains to rational and actionable. Apprentices that frequently incorporate this style are good at enthusiastically comprehending matters rather than enlisting them systematically and rationally. This approach results in concerns that may impact their behavior in trying to tackle complicated matters. There exist three key concepts that may be incorporated in accepting health promotion learners. The tips include comprehending the specific learning mechanisms possessed by each person. The other tip involves providing a unique experience and eventually aiding task completion at their own pace.


One of the most significant nursing roles is in enlightening both the patient and family. This element is directly liable for prompting health results.As a result, a nurse needs to be mindful of their learning style, but bear a working knowledge of every style, and be observant in their evaluations of the patient’s learning inclinations and needs. This is to avert future return visits, problems to their existing illnesses and assist the patient in being prosperous in their behavioral alterations, resulting in improved patient results.

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