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UNITAR Session with Professor Carter:Columbia Law School Series

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) office in New York, in conjunction with Columbia School of Law introduced the initial address of a four-part sequence with Columbia Law School. Mr. Marco Suazo, UNITAR New York Head of Office initiated the conference by greeting the training session’s participants and presenting the speaker; Professor Carter, Mediation Clinic Director, Columbia School of Law. Upon welcoming diplomats and delegates to the interactive training, Professor Carter talked on comprehending the link of leadership and self-awareness.

The objectives of the conference were to determine the significance of self-awareness, ways of offering efficient response, and how significant they are for leadership. The conference also deliberated on four leadership models and letting the partakers to comprehend the styles of leadership. The speakers reminded the people that irrespective of an individual’s style of leadership, at the center is an individual’s welfare. The participants were later involved in exercise activities to highlight ways of being aware of diverse cultural standards and dynamics and the level of significance in the process of negotiation. The subsequent undertaking was based on BARNGA that necessitated the listeners not to integrate oral communication to convey their points.

After lunch, the subject was based on cultural intelligence, the capability to acclimatize to individuals from diverse cultural areas founded on three elements. They include physiological, emotive, and perceptive. The presenter retold the listeners that adapting to diverse cultural standards, one requires to be self-aware both internally and externally. The conference also touched on the significance of affirmative responses in the terms of a “sandwich technique”. This not only motivates but similarly boosts self-assurance and identify areas of development to generate a general atmosphere of conviction. Partakers worked towards fostering an extended idea of internal and external self-awareness with an emphasis on increasing an interpretation of their individual standards, desires, and ambitions, and how others individuals see them.

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