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Unit VI Journal

For some time, I worked as an assistant in a beauty parlor. While the pay was not much, I considered it good enough as it was an effective way of generating the income I needed to start up my small business venture. After a few months of working at the parlor, I finally managed to save enough money for the business I wanted. Even though the general outlook would be that I would leave the work I was doing and engage start up the business I intended to, making the decision was not very easy as there were various factors that I had to consider.

My assistant job in the workplace was significantly demanding. The result was that I had minimal time left outside my work. If I stated up a business, I would not have enough time to engage in my roles at the parlor, a factor that could result in me losing the job. However, it also seemed like the best time to start up the business as I now had enough capital that I required for the business I desired.

On the other hand, starting up the business would mean engaging in a venture that I would not run efficiently. As my work on the parlor required the commitment of a high amount of time to achieve the job expectations, there would be minimal time left to engage in the business venture. Therefore, this would be that the business would not get enough attention it requires, especially at the start off stage.

Eventually, there was the need to decide whether to continue working at the parlor or engaging in the startup business that I had saved up for. I realized that it would not be possible to engage in both of them as a significant amount of time was required for the success of both.  The dilemma was mainly due to the fear that leaving the employer to engage in the business would mean losing both if the bossiness failed. However, failing to start up the business would also mean letting go of my passion for what I did not enjoy. Eventually, I made up the decision to start up the business and take up the risk to see it succeed as I was passionate about the business.

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